868 Media is the official journal of writer and journalist James Lanser.

868 Media serves as an alternative media outlet where individuals will find information on various issues affecting Trinidad and Tobago and the wider world. As a media platform, 868 Media aims to explain and contextualize the complicated world of news and culture in Trinidad & Tobago from a “T&T First” perspective. Unlike the other news outlets in our nation, 868 Media openly admits that it has a bias. This bias consists of two parts, first, our fidelity to God/Truth, and second, our unyielding patriotism and desire for Trinidadian prosperity in the promotion of truth and the common good.

868 Media is run on social media entirely and its success depends on the loyal followers who share its content and spread the messages it creates. As of now, the entire operation brings in no financial profit and is entirely supported by the investment of its founder.

Due to the globalized world model that is in effect today, the topics seen here cannot be limited to what happens within the confines of our borders. Over and over, again and again, we see that what happens in other nations is emulated here on our Twin Island.

868 Media does not cower to authoritarian political correctness which is plaguing the world today. Here, things are said as they are rather than as they “should be said.”

The views expressed by 868 Media contributors are theirs only. The content and opinions here are in NO way connected to any other entity, be it political, media-related, corporate, or governmental.

The entire operation is in your hands.

May God Bless Our Nation!

– James.

James David Lanser is a Trinidadian journalist whose work typically explores social, economic, political, and cultural themes. He is the editor and founder of the 868 Media project. To contact James, you can email: jamesdlanser@gmail.com

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