Although it has already been five days since Christmas day, after some encouragement, I have decided to publish this little Christmas poem that was originally written for my family and friends. Although it may seem a bit late, for us Catholics, Christmastide only began on Christmas day and it continues to run for a while after. Christmas eventually comes to a close for us on the Feast of the Baptism of our Lord (Jan 13th 2022).
It is not often that the secularized world sheds light on the true nature and gravity of these splendid times. Many tend to forget the importance and significance of Christ’s birth and the commercially-oriented world has somewhat made a mess of Christmas.
Let us not do the same!
Merry Christmas!
God Bless and Love you all!

Many people think, quite foolishly, that it is early to claim that the T&T government will roll out a vaccine passport/pass “but how exactly,” one must ask people of this view, “will people be expected to prove their vaccination status, if not with a pass or passport?” It is expected that if the government demands that private enitities make vaccination a policy by which they discriminate against their customers, these businesses will need customers to walk with a “proof of vaccination status.”

Essentially, Catholics believe that only two options can be taken in relation to this issue. Either Catholics depart from the Church since they cannot agree, or, they suppress their own judgment and blindly obey the Church officials. Yet this dilemma is not necessary! When one properly understands the true concept of obedience one finds that not only does a third option exist, but that it is very much within reason to utilize such an option.

Today what one knows as “the mainstream media” has quite rightfully come under heavy scrutiny and has increasingly found itself distrustful in view of the average man. Obviously, one is far from likely to read about this growing distrust for the media in that very same media.

The phrase new normal, despite its linguistic craftiness, implies abnormalcy and radical change with which we are now familiar. Because “the new normal” implies that the normal to come will be new altogether, it means it will not be normal….