Recently an opinion article that strongly advocated for the decriminalization of abortion was written by Dr Gabrielle Hosein and published in the TT Newsday. Whilst Hosein’s points may seem sequential and even logical, I would like to offer more insight that should perhaps be considered in relation to her piece.

Whilst the mainstream media reported on a mysterious buck we all laughed, enjoyed, and made memes out of the fiasco. However, during that same week, something far more newsworthy was transpiring. It was brought to the public that the PNM government was engaging in a form of nepotism. A massive […]

the story appears to be nothing more than Fake News. Besides Trinidad lacking the ability to implement such an advance ticketing system (without the government making a raucous about it in the media) organizations that should know about this (if the story is true) apparently do not or will not confirm it.