Don’t pick sides! Remain neutral towards outsider conflict.

Over the Last few weeks, the global media-mafia has been bombarding every nation with constant information about the Russia-Ukraine situation. By their double tactics of falsity and exaggeration this media-mafia is urging nations and motivating individuals within these said nations to take sides with what better fits their agenda and deepens their pockets. More recently, (02.03.22) Caribbean leaders did just that, siding with the main narrative and choosing to condemn Russia. Further, the Minister of Foreign and CARICOM Affairs, Dr Amery Browne, via a Loop News interview “called on Russia to halt their invasion.” This, in retrospect of the common good of T&T, is the wrong call and quite frankly it is a call that the misguided minister(s) are not entitled to make. T&T is a nation very distant, in the litteral sense, to this conflict. This has nothing to do with T&T nor does it have anything to do with the Caribbean, we therefore must remain neutral in this regard hoping that God bring to a halt all injustice that is out of our control. A conflict that does not require our involvement does not warrant our voluntary involvement, this is a case where the cause does not warrant the effect!

The first justification for thinking in this manner can be found in the already mentioned fact that the conflict, as sad as the media may make it seem, is far away and has nothing to do with the internal prosperity of T&T. Some may object that this is selfish thinking but this is not. T&T’s leaders are the fathers of our nation and the public are their children. What good father surrenders the good of his own children by involving them in a conflict that does not concern their home?

“It is true the conflict does not involve T&T, but it may have consequences that will bring the conflict closer to home.” This is the snare that entraps the public to agree with the position currently employed by the promoters of the current position of the CARICOM leaders. The weakness of this scare tactic is exposed by the fact that a neutral stance does not eliminate the possibility of a defensive line of action in future. In fact, should such a day come, when T&T is really close to action, this neutral stance would place our nation in a better defensive position not a worse one. This is especially true granted that tension and fear has done nothing but risen since Venezuela and T&T chose to support opposing sides in the situation. Let T&T instead be a place of indifference to outsider conflict, if she must act let it be in negotiating peace deals not extending the potentiality of war.

Counter claims against this line of thought also mention the fact that should T&T standout as indifferent in this matter she will run the risk of being viewed as a “Putin sympathiser” and therefore may come under similar economic sanctions layed on Russia by those upholding the world’s global economy, namely the United States and her European counterparts. This however, besides being untrue (since neutrality is the opposite of partisanship), shows nothing but the fact that, as sad as it is, T&T remains a nation without true independence. Why can a free independent nation not act in a free independent way? Herein lies the greater worry factor. T&T’s leaders squandered her birthright when instead of securing internal food security, by ensuring locally T&T could feed herself, they chose to adopt and prioritise the global economy and its false precepts. Now she must bare the burden and litterally pay the price.

Instead then of being frantically scared of what may happen to T&T, should she remotely deviate from the plan of her suppliers and exporters, T&T’s leaders should see the current situation in the east like they should have seen Covid, that is as a clear sign that she needs to get her priorities straight starting with the basics of food security. No nation can stand on its own two feet if it cannot feed itself, rather it finds itself wanting and therefore enslaved to those who can provide. This is where T&T finds herself, she needs to obey the most disgusting political leaders of outside in order to obtain the best (cheapest) available globally produced (and in large chemically induced) food.

Leaders of T&T for the good of your people, remain neutral for the sake of their safety and long term prosperity! Do what you can to encourage local food production on both a commercial and homestead scale. A return to agrarianism does not mean a return to barbarianism it means a return to normalcy! This war is not our war and the global economy is not our economy. Recant the previous statements, stay indifferent fly the red, white and black for which and only for which we true patriots will die!

May God bless our nation!