Although it has already been five days since Christmas day, after some encouragement, I have decided to publish this little Christmas poem that was originally written for my family and friends. Although it may seem a bit late, for us Catholics, Christmastide only began on Christmas day and it continues to run for a while after. Christmas eventually comes to a close for us on the Feast of the Baptism of our Lord (Jan 13th 2022).

It is not often that the secularized world sheds light on the true nature and gravity of these splendid times. Many tend to forget the importance and significance of Christ’s birth and the commercially-oriented world has somewhat made a mess of Christmas.

Let us not do the same!

Merry Christmas!

God Bless and Love you all!

Above the house

Above the house of holy bread
In the dark night, when little ‘s said,
A bright light shone from a golden star
Covering Bethlehem, seen from afar.

In a cold cave, where donkeys sleep
From a crevice a candle’s light did peep,
There indeed the angels sang
Though the world seemed silent, trumpets rang.

The Holy Virgin, so perfectly pure
In this cave o so poor,
Gave birth to a Son,
A mighty One.

She gently held Him and kissed Him sweet
She rocked Him to bed and let Him sleep.

O sleep little Jesus and to her cling
And of Thy fate I will now sing,
O sleep away my little King
Of thy fate I truly sing.

O little Jesus under her You’ll grow
In Thy public life, thy truth You’ll show.

O in Thee God’s love is forwith hurled
Supernatural faith You’ll give this world,
But all indeed will not embrace
Thy truth, tenderness, and little Face.

O sleep little Jesus and to her cling
And of Thy fate I will still sing,
O sleep my Star, my Love, and King
Myrrh, Frankincense, and Gold Shepards will bring.

Baby boy, Thee will grow up so strong
40 days in a desert You won’t prolong,
Then princes You’ll make of men so poor
The Faith You’ll establish, forever secure.

Thy perfect Truth, You will preach
To the ends of earth, Thy word will reach,
O little Baby in peace now sleep
For a battle You’ll fight, and we will weep.

O my Jesus You bring me joy
All impurities and sin Thou will destroy,
O precious babe, You none contain
But O my baby Boy, You will be slain.

O baby boy I do now cry
For on Golgotha You are to die.

O sleep my little Jesus and to her cling
Thy praise forever may I sing,
Your skin so soft and free of guilt
Totally Innocent, Why must thy blood be so split.

O sleeping Babe what do I say?
O living star, o eternal Day,
Thank you, Babe, for condescending
For sin indeed Thou art amending.

O baby boy in sleep more and more
You alone, we all adore.

– James Lanser