Catholics cannot obey Archbishop Jason Gordon on vaccine mandate.

Beware of false prophets, who come to you as sheep,
For inwardly they are wolves, ever on the creep.

Preliminary note

868 Media is unyielding in its promotion of the only True Church. For this reason, we cannot refrain from doing what is hard and uncomfortable before men in order to stand pleasing before God.

On the 2nd of Aug, 2021, 868 Media published an article titled “Should Catholics obey Archbishop Jason Gordon on the vaccine?” That article, showed why it is that no Catholic is bound under the virtue of obedience to obey the current Archbishop (and Pope) when they demand that we get these Covid vaccines. The responses I received after publishing this work were encouraging since the majority of the feedback was positive. Among those who contacted me in connection to the article, were three different groups of people: The traditional leaning, the liberals, and the confused.

The traditional leaning Catholics found themselves happy to know that they were not being “bad” Catholics by disregarding the Archbishop’s nonsensical and scandalous position. Rather, such Catholics were jubilant to see that it makes no sense to be obedient to man if by doing so they offend God: “We ought to obey God, rather than men” said the first Pope (St Peter) and Bishops (other apostles) to the Jews (as recorded in Acts 5:29).

The liberals, however, did not take well to the article mainly because the article is seen by them as “creating division” and “hurting feelings.” They feel this way because it is characteristic of liberalism to accept everything so long as it is not “offensive”- whatever that means. Even moderate liberals, to avoid hurting feelings, bend the truth to make it so all-embracing that it practically no longer exists. “Even if the archbishop is wrong,” they say “we cannot openly criticize him because he is like our father.” Would these people say children of abusive parents are wrong to protest where they safely can? Would these people reject that two and two make four so as not to offend those who think it makes three? The Catholic Church has spoken very definitively about these people: they are not Catholic, despite what they think or what authority they hold. Such liberals really ought to consider whether or not they would obey the archbishop should he demand that they jump off the top of a building (especially considering that they would hardly obey him if he were to demand that they practice their faith).

While the below article may help show the wisdom of the traditional leaning and expose the retardism of the liberal camp, it is, however, really written for the confused. These are those who still find it hard to “disobey” the archbishop despite knowing the moral and medical dangers of the vaccine. In order to avoid redundancy, the article will focus more on explaining how one can sin against obedience than it will on pointing out the medical and moral reasons why one should not take the vaccine. To see briefly both the moral and medical problems with the vaccines, read the referenced article above.

May God love you all,
-James Lanser.

Catholics cannot obey Archbishop Jason Gordon

On 15 Oct 2021, Catholic Archbishop Jason Gordon showed himself, more than any other religious leader in Trinidad & Tobago to be co-operating with what has been called the ‘Great Reset’ by a true archbishop and defender of the truth, Carlo Maria Vigan√≤. His Eminence Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke has also said the same about the Covid crime. Unsurprisingly however the liberally bent Archdiocese of Port of Spain has demanded that priests take the experimental gene serum injection that does not work! What a tragedy to have Catholic leaders demanding their priests to participate in the results of abortion! This unholy act of Bishop Gordon, a current successor of the apostles by virtue of apostolic succession, is disappointing but expected (granted his past pro-vaccine statements) and it is every Catholic’s duty to spread the message that Catholics (including priests) are by no means bound to obey him in this regard.

Faithful Catholics cannot fear being called “rebellious” for disobeying the archbishop in this particular case. This is because such Catholics do not sin against obedience by disregarding entirely the unjust commands of their authority. Like most of the problems with the modern church, both its hierarchy (those with authoritative positions) and its faithful (those without authoritative positions/lay people) either disregard or, to no fault of their own, do not know their catechism. Even less of us have actually decided to take it upon ourselves to read the works of the Popes or study the official Theologian of the Roman Church, St Thomas Aquinas.

What is the true notion of obedience? We must answer this question in retrospect to the teaching of the Church, the Theologian, and the proper use of reason and thereby show why the archbishop must be resisted especially by his priests, just as St Paul resisted his superior St Peter, the first Pope (Gal: 2:11).

To sin against moral virtue

Obedience is a moral virtue of prime importance. Hence, we must properly understand how it is that one can sin against any given moral virtue.

Aristotle says “moral virtue is a habit of choosing the mean.” St Thomas Aquinas agrees that virtue lies between two opposite extremes. The Theologian shows that “moral virtue is to observe the mean, through conformity with right reason.” Guided by the rule of reason, the mean between two sinful extremes is observed in practising properly any moral virtue. The Catholic Church (more so prior to the Second Vatican Council) has always taught this principle when teaching about moral virtues. The Catholic Encyclopedia says “one of the properties of virtues is that they consist in the golden mean, that is to say, in what lies between excess and deficit.”

The principle

Hence the virtue of fortitude/courage makes one brave to meet dangers but it by no means is proper courage to be recklessly daring on one extreme and, on the other, to be fearfully timid. Therefore, during a war, a soldier must charge his enemy when it is that perfect courage demands he does so. Using his reason properly, he must avoid charging when it would result in instant death, for that would be foolhardy of him to do. Yet, neither can the soldier stay cooped up in fear, for that would be timid of him.

The principle applied to courage during battle:

When it comes to the virtue of justice, every man must be rendered his due, no more and no less. If someone borrowed money, it would be wrong for them to be given less than what they lent. Yet similarly, it would be against justice to give them more than what they lent. This has always been the teaching of the church against the practice of usury (common today).

To sin against obedience

When it comes to obedience the same principle of the golden mean must be applied because “amongst the moral virtues obedience enjoys a primacy of honour.”

The Catholic faith (and right reason) is opposed to anarchy which teaches that no rightful authority exists amongst men and that, therefore, “every man is his own master.” Yet it is equally true that the Catholic Church opposes giving blind and unjust obedience to men. Only to God is absolute obedience due and no man with authority can demand something which would demand disobedience to God. Should a superior command his inferior to do something which demands disobedience to God the said superior tries to make himself God by aiming to usurp or lay claim to an authority that is not his.

One must not do whatever a superior asks solely because it is what the superior asks. Hence, Pope Leo XIII teaches “where a law is enacted contrary to reason, or to the eternal law, or to some ordinance of God, obedience is unlawful, lest, while obeying man, we become disobedient to God.” All obedience is firstly due to God and His commands. This is because God is de facto the source of all human authority. Nothing can be lawfully commanded that goes against reason or eternal law (God or His commands).

Due to men being equal by both power and nature, one man has no claim to any legitimate authority over another without receiving the authority from a higher source and power. Both the civil and ecclesiastical lawmakers receive their authority from God and therefore hold positions of authority to protect what is good and (guided by prudence) suppress what is evil. Authority cannot be used to pass unjust laws that would go against the source of the authority (and the very thing which makes things either right or wrong).

Although we live amongst a placidity of unjust laws, these laws have no binding force on us. A law cannot “legalize” murder of the innocent (e.g. abortion), nor can law make what is unnatural natural or permit what is against the natural order (e.g. homosexuality). One cannot say however that because lawmakers have passed unjust laws the entirety of their authority is null and void, it is only these specific laws that have no binding force since they are unjust and go against both reason and the eternal law.

Two roads leading to one problem

One will sin against obedience by being disobedient if he said to a legitimate authority “I will not obey you because you cannot command me!” or “you have no authority over me!” To act in this manner is to become an anarchist who foolishly tries to make himself a god by claiming to individually be “the measure of all things.” The error here is in rejecting the authority which the person legitimately holds and giving oneself authority one does not have. This is the error by deficit.

On the other extreme, one cannot say “because you have this authority, I would do absolutely anything [even something sinful] if you commanded me to do so.” This error of excess and although it is seemingly the opposite of the error above, it leads to the same result, namely attempting to make a god of another man. Here instead of oneself, one gives to another individual a power that he does not have. To act in this way is to seemingly make the person holding the authority “the measure of all things” of which is only true of God.

The purpose of authority is not to make arbitrary commands but to use the authority to lead men to their end/goal which is unachievable without living according to the precepts laid out by God. The obedience due to legitimate authority is null and void when it diverts from the end for which it exists in making commands.

The vaccine goes against both right reason & the law of God

The experimental injection goes against both right reason and the eternal law by virtue of the fact that it is both unsafe to take and also derived through the process of many abortions. For further information on why the vaccine is both medically dangerous and morally illicit read my last article “Should Catholics obey bishop on the vaccine?” In that article several hyperlinks to other useful resources are available. The main takeaway is that no one needs to obey the bishop since it is both against reason and eternal law to arbitrarily put oneself at risk of death by taking a vaccine that came as a result of murdering babies.

What should faithful priests and Catholics do?

It is evident that all faithful Catholics, including priests, are bound by God not to obey the bishop when he demands that they take this injection because by doing so they betray their reason and act against the eternal law. Being obedient to the bishop in this case would mean being disobedient to God. This, therefore, is an unjust law that has no binding force on us since it demands that we give obedience where it clearly is not due. The bishop is by no means God and he will have to answer to God for commanding priests to participate in a dangerous and highly immoral abortion tainted experiment. It is not so because I say it is so, it is so because this is what God has said and what the Church has continued to teach! Our Lord said “Thou shalt not kill,” I am not trying to insert my own opinion I am trying to make clear again what was once so!

Alas, the situation is painful for us Catholics to observe, perhaps I write this article in vain since it is well known that most of the archbishop’s inferiors will take the vaccine if they have not already done so. Sad it is to see what has become of our mother the Church. She was once filled with great saints who were willing to die rather than compromise with sin and error.

In Trinidad’s Catholic news, bishop Gordon continues to remind Catholics of the need to live by the three W’s (Watch distance, wash hands, wear a mask). These three “W’s” seem to have more importance in the mind of the bishop than the three theological virtues (faith, hope, and charity) without which not a single one of his sheep will save their souls.

May God Bless our Nation!

James David Lanser is a Trinidadian journalist whose work typically explores social, economic, political, and cultural themes. He is the editor and founder of the 868 Media project. To contact James, you can email: