Trinidad, one step closer to vaccine passports

To live you must have a jab-card on display
No normal life for anyone, but those who obey!

Prime minister Dr. Keith Rowley has said that by the end of this month, persons will be allowed to return to gyms, restaurants, in-house dining, cinemas, casinos, and bars. Sounds great right? well… there is a catch to this scheme. Rowley said the gyms, restaurants, in-house dining, cinemas, etc will only be open for the vaccinated. This new decision taken by Rowley edges Trinidad & Tobago one step closer to the inevitable “vaccine passport/pass.” This is true because the unvaccinated will not be granted the ability to participate and enjoy normal society in the same manner as the vaccinated.

Seeing that the unvaccinated will not be permitted entry into certain activities and places of business, “staffers too would need to be fully vaccinated in order to participate.” This means that being unvaccinated will cause one to potentially be fired from their job.

Many people think, quite foolishly, that it is early to claim that the T&T government will roll out a vaccine passport/pass “but how exactly,” one must ask people of this view, “will people be expected to prove their vaccination status, if not with a pass or passport?” It is expected that if the government demands (or solely urges) private entities to make vaccination a policy by which they discriminate against their employees and customers, these businesses will need the employees and customers to walk with a “proof of vaccination status,” otherwise such a policy would be impossible. It is precisely this “proof of vaccination status” that we call a vaccine “passport.”

Many major corporate conglomerates and financial institutions have already implemented or planned to implement some form of the vaccine passport. These organizations are providing a better work environment for vaccinated employees and are also giving them special perks with additional working hours.

This sort of policy is not unique to T&T, in fact, nothing that Rowley has done thus far in relation to Covid19 has been unique at all. Rowley is following the Covid19 pandemic response plans promoted and published by the United Nations’ World Health Organization. For this reason, the vaccine passport idea has already been protested in many European and American regions. England’s plan to roll out the vaccine passport has been heavily protested, Tory MP Tom Tugendhat said “Vaccine passports risk a social credit system of control. If we need a vaccine for events like a party conference or a nightclub-why not to travel by a train, or go to a university lecture or a shop? What other choices will result in denial of service?”

In The United States, vaccine passports are illegal in 15 States and are not required in any of the remaining. In Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Montana, North Dakota, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming bills were passed against any form of vaccine passes.

An entity or individual doing business in this state may not refuse to provide any goods or services, or refuse to allow admission, to a customer based on the customer’s immunization status or lack of documentation that the customer has received an immunization.”
– Bill banning vaccine pass in Alabama

Vaccine resistance is still high in T&T with (as of today, 13/09/21) less than half of the population agreeing to participate in the experimental vaccination program. This is undoubtedly another attempt by the Rowley administration to increase vaccination numbers by means of indirect force. Worst of all however is that this pushes the tyranny of the government to another level since it brings T&T one step closer to a communist reality whereby, those who do not comply with the vaccination program will not be able to shop, travel, or live a normal life as they knew it before.

While the pro-vaxers argue that the Covid19 vaccines are just like all the other vaccines, we cannot deny that, for those vaccines, it has never been said to the world, by its leaders that “no man might buy or sell, but he that hath the character, or the name of the beast [vaccine], or the number of his name.”

What a strange time to be alive.

May God Bless our Nation!