T&T Schoolboy diagnosed with Pericarditis after receiving first dose of Pfizer Vaccine

Vaccines in arms, much totally unknown
Parents turn victim to a child’s sorrowful moan.

On Wednesday 18 August 2021, a healthy 17-year-old schoolboy took his first shot of the Pfizer vaccine. Two days later he began to suffer from what his father described as “tightness in his chest.” On Saturday 21 August the tightness of his chest worsened to the point of hospitalization. The boy’s father, who wished to keep himself and his family anonymous, told 868 Media that “by 11:00 p.m. on Saturday,” his son was “taken to Westshore Medical where he was diagnosed with Pericarditis, which is inflammation of the outer lining of the heart.”

The now concerned father can only tie the Pericarditis with the vaccine saying, “the problem only began 2 days after taking the vaccine. Prior to this he has had no medical issues.”

This case is not unique to this young Trini individual. Cases of people being diagnosed with Pericarditis after receiving the Pfizer vaccine are happening globally. In a news article published on Aug 26, 2021 “A Channel 7 journalist [Denham Hitchcock] in Australia was hospitalized with pericarditis after receiving the Pfizer vaccine.” The CDC said in June that “since April 2021, there have been more than a thousand reports to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) of cases of inflammation of the heart—called myocarditis and pericarditis—happening after mRNA COVID-19 vaccination (i.e., Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna) in the United States.”

The father of the secondary schooler (who is now approaching form 5 in one of Trinidad’s public schools) said both himself and his wife were “very uneasy about vaccinating their children.” We had no idea of the possible long-term effects of the vaccines and their bodies are still developing.” However, granted the amount of pro-vax statements coming from the mainstream media and the apparently credible medical organizations like the WHO they allowed their son to take the vaccine for school purposes.

When asked if the secondary school demanded their son be vaccinated in order to continue his intellectual development, the father said there was no formal demand made by the school to have their son vaccinated. However, he said weeks before his son took the vaccine, “all parents of the school were notified that the vaccine had to be taken.”

When asked whether his position on the Covid19 vaccines has since changed due to the personal experience, the troubled father said he is now confused regarding the efficacy of the vaccines and is not sure if he should vaccinate his other children. His wife however said the experience has changed her view on the vaccine and that it “solidified for her that she DOES NOT want her other children to take this vaccine.”

“I know that it is a parent’s decision to vaccinate their children but I wanted to share our current experience so others are aware of the possible side effects. I DO NOT agree with this government’s plan to force vaccinate children. No government has the right and should NOT take away a parent’s right to make decisions for the well-being of their children. They do not know our children’s medical histories or anything related to our children. We as parents know what is best for our children. If anything were to happen to them by forcing us to do this, who will be held liable?”

The father continued.

The concerned father has since stated about Pericarditis that “when you research it, they say after treatment that patients usually return to their normal lives. So far my son has done a few tests on his heart and has another to do on Monday 30, 2021.

“Thus far all tests show that my son’s heart is okay but we don’t know if there will be any long-term damages. There is no guarantee on this. I would like to know that if we are forced to give him the second shot and something happens due to this experience the first time around if the government will be held liable for this?

Whether there are low statistics on side effects as such or not, no one should have to go through this with their child or see them in pain due to something that really has no guarantee. People can say as they feel about Science or statistics but when it is your own child you will feel different and question a lot.”

As of today, they have not reached out to any government or state entity in relation to the matter.

May God Bless our Nation!