From those we watch and also learn
 Our fate stands victim; to prosper or burn!

Distrust Unheard.

Today what one knows as “the mainstream media” has quite rightfully come under heavy scrutiny and has increasingly found itself distrustful in view of the average man. In large part, one can thank former US President Donald Trump for the global rise in citizen opposition to the media. International media outlets continue staggeringly to try to make the former presidents’ criticisms of them seem like his invention. However, this is far from true, Trump’s constant attacks on the “fake news media” did not attract, entice, or magically trick his followers globally into believing a lie, quite the contrary. The publics’ distrust for traditional media outlets was already increasing prior to the election and campaign of Trump. As of September 2020, only 9 percent of the US trust the mass media “a great deal,” 31 percent trust the media “a fair amount,” 27 percent have “not very much” trust, and 33% have “none at all.” The percentage with no trust at all is a record high with distrust for the media continually growing in the US. In this regard, and in many others, Trump simply said what everyone was already thinking, but in the very place, it needed to be said.

In Trinidad & Tobago distrust for the traditional media is also becoming increasingly popular for quite some time and the media’s treatment and response to the Covid19 situation may not be helping. The traditional media is calling for mass vaccination in T&T and generally are speaking as a mouthpiece for the globalist United Nations which controls the World Health Organization. Although some outlets are admitting to the “changing fortunes of media in T&T, one is still far from likely to read about this growing distrust for the media in that very same media. For this reason, the public distrust is not apparent in the same way as their distrust of politicians is, for example. The media is fast to publish stories about the growing suspicions people have in relation to a certain public figure, but they are unlikely to treat the mistrust people have in them with the same severity, far less the same exaggeration.

There are three principal issues with the media in T&T that shall be addressed in three separate articles here on 868 Media. The problems to be treated are:

  1. The Media’s existence is oriented around its goal of maximizing profits.
  2. The Media is tied directly to corporate organizations or indirectly tied to them through adverts.
  3. The Media is dominated by left-wing progressives who promote social degeneracy and decadence.

These problems all contribute to bias, fake news, and selective reporting and thereby hamper the publication and protection of truth while promoting moral decay and societal failure. Each of these said problems leads to other subproblems and issues that shall be addressed. Stay tuned and on the lookout for these articles.

May God Bless our Nation!