None Existent Pandemic

In search of fact, one may find foe, 
but let truth be revealed, and to it we go

Judging covid with common sense & practical experience.

Since March 2020 leaders of the “free” world have been claiming that their nations are experiencing a deadly pandemic. This pandemic is so deadly that these leaders, along with their media outlets, claim it warrants the total lockdown of nations and the violation of human rights. While Covid19 may indeed be a real virus it must be openly admitted that it cannot be called a “deadly pandemic” and this idea is totally nonsensical.

Despite what one’s own experience is telling them daily, many still believe the lie that they are living through “pandemic times.” Undoubtedly it is not their fault, they have built up a trust in authority that is so strong and have perhaps never before questioned the mainstream media’s narratives. Through blind obedience, people today abdicate their reason and own experiences in order to make sense of the maddening claim of living through a medical crisis. It makes sense, therefore, that the practical experience of everyday citizens be put to paper so as to give evidence to the fact that this blind obedience is wrongly given and totally unwarranted since we are not, in reality, experiencing any pandemic whatsoever. Below then one will find reasons derived mostly through common sense and practical experience, some however will be more journalistic in nature and will expose some of the unknown facts of the pandemic lie.

Reason 1: where are the sirens?

If it were true that people were dropping dead daily from the world’s largest pandemic, then where are the sirens? The everyday man is not hearing more of these emergency vehicles despite the fact that they should practically be all that is on the road! The fact that no one is talking about the drastic increase in ambulance traffic is important for, who would you call if someone you knew was dropping dead?

Reason 2: where are the hearses?

If it were true that people were dying more now than before, then where are the hearses? If it were true that more people are dying now than ever before in recent history then why aren’t those who have lived for many years over discussing the insane and unbelievable increase in the presence of hearses? If they are bodies they must be carried and if carried then buried, and if buried… well:

Reason 3: where are the graves?

If it is true that bodies are being found soulless beyond compare, then where are these bodies going? Have you seen any? There is no talk of overburdened graveyards or even overburdened undertakers. The pandemic is taking the cells of our brain more than it is the life of anybody. No one has seen mass burials, barely anyone has seen any burials at all for that matter.

Reason 4: where is the increased death toll?

If it were true that we are experiencing an increase in mortality rates then this increase would be evidently experienced by the common folk and expressed in the statistics. This is because it is the common folk that makes up the statistic itself. However, globally no such increase has or is occurring since the start of the Covid19 “pandemic.” While hundreds die of covid an equivalent amount that usually dies through other sicknesses and viruses are not. (This is why they are many, among the few, who, trying to make sense of this madness, even doubt the existence of a Covid19 itself.)

Reason 5: Influenza practically nonexistent today.

According to the World Health Organisation, the organization that largely controls the narrative of Covid19, global infections of influenza have practically disappeared. Odd to say the least…

The Atlantic news outlet in the US trying to explain this unexplainable nonsense says “Flu viruses haven’t gone extinct. They’re temporarily in hiding.” It’s ridiculous!

Reason 6: Selective bias.

The powers that are bringing in legislation to “protect people against the deadly threat of covid19” claim to be listening to the “scientists” and “the experts.” Yet they never once admit or mention that they are hundreds of thousands of medical practitioners, physicians, and virologists who do not agree with the World Health Organisation’s narrative on the Covid19. Quite openly, many experts have said there is no medical pandemic.

These experts have been ridiculed and attacked by the press which controls public opinion. Many have then been fired from their jobs and this is not because what they say does not have a scientific basis but rather than what they say goes against what the UN-controlled WHO says.

This proves that governments are not doing what is socially responsible because it is based on science but rather, they are selectively listening to a minority group (the WHO) and rejecting other scientists who, with good reason, agree that there is no medical pandemic.

Interestingly, it has been documented with extreme certainty and clarity that many of the doctors and press organizations promoting Covid19 pandemic lies have been receiving and continue to receive large lumpsomes of funds from the Bill Gates Foundation, which has a great deal to gain through the pandemic vaccination process.

Reason 7: Empty Hospitals.

The press has been busy (especially at the start of the “pandemic”) with occupying our screens and social devices with sights of what appeared to be overburdened hospitals. It would make sense that during a medical pandemic, hospitals would be overburdened. However, if one visited their local hospital during the worst of Covid19 or if one visits it today, one is confused to find a ghost town.

Hospitals were never overburnded and are not overburnded now…

Reason 8: Test kits ordered since 2018

Covid19 started in 2019 and only came to public knowledge on a large scale in 2020, so why were countries ordering “Covid19 diagnostic test kits” since 2018? Interesting to say the least… The World Bank had this information (perhaps mistakenly) publicly available on their website. Lately, they changed the product description to simply say “medical test kits” and have claimed the test kit purchases displayed on the website were only edited to say “Covid19 diagnostic test kits” in 2020. However, this does not change the fact that these test kits are Covid19 test kits.

News outlets such as the BBC and Reuters have scrambled to fight against this fact but undoubtedly fail to answer the heart of the issue: the test kits were sold to nations in 2018 and were and still are covid test kits.

Reason 9: favouring monopolies

If gathering in large crowds is dangerous and could lead to the mass spread of Covid19, then why are governments allowing massive monopolies to remain open while they close small corner stores which can only accommodate a 10th of the people compared to the larger stores? This is unfair and would be extremely dangerous to our health if a pandemic were really underway.

Reason 10: vaccination retardism

If the vaccination is the answer to the problem then why can those who receive the vaccine still catch the virus? Why promote the vaccination anyway? After the vaccination one is still forced to do what one was to do prior to receiving that said vaccine anyway. One is still forced to social distance and wear a mask.

(The vaccine still is not FDA approved)

Be real.

In light of the above, I encourage those reading this to forget about the media drama and government panic and look around. Think about how many people you knew personally who died from covid19 (without having prior health complications). Then, compare that number to how many you know that died of some other medical illness or heart disease. Do not forget in your own analysis that covid19 is supposedly worse than anything we have witnessed in recent history.

May God Bless our Nation!