Until against lies, we unite,
No hope stands True, in victory or fight.

An unfair year.

We are now approaching the one-year anniversary of the Covid19 lie, deceit, and unfair lockdowns. Policies were brought into action which set serious limitations on small businesses while favouring the plutocrats.

Covid19’s uprise paired with our government’s response to it has served to show how communist of a nation is that of Trinidad & Tobago (to say nothing of the world at large). Religious services were regulated by government mandate, families were not allowed to visit or even bury their loved ones in peace. The government’s communist face has been on full display as they arbitrarily claimed certain institutions “essential” while forcing others into bankruptcy and closure.

While Covid19 fails to alter the normal death toll of the country and world the government and media still, through fearmongering and manipulation, continue to pretend we are experiencing a pandemic and therefore they promote this “New Normal” which is the furthest thing from normal.

New Normal: Not Normal.

The phrase new normal, despite its linguistic craftiness, implies abnormalcy and radical change with which we are now familiar. Because “the new normal” implies that the normal to come will be new altogether, it means it will not be normal according to what is currently so. It is only by media manipulation and government control that no protest has occurred in response to this stripping of what is normal.

Imagine a man with a car, then some enemy of his steals the car for himself. Logically, it is only quite commonsensical for the victim of the stolen car to try to regain what was not lost but stolen. It would be characteristic only of an idiot to say “Bah, it’s just time to get used to my new means of transport” and then proceed by foot. Simply saying that his means of transport is new does not make it superior to what was lost.

After one year of this nonsense, “the vaccine” has been developed. Yet if you take the vaccine you are still required to social distance, quarantine if you travel, and wear a mask everywhere. And counter to what you thought of the vaccine it still does not grant immunity, therefore those who take the vaccine can still get Covid. To put the icing on the cake, if anything should happen to those who take the vaccine as a result of their doing so, the hospital and vaccine developers cannot be held responsible. To make a long story short, the vaccine makes no sense!

Prior to the vaccine’s development, we were lied to and told that we would need adapt to the new (ab)normal only until the vaccine is available. Now, however, we are hearing quite a different story altogether. The vaccine, in other words, is by no means to result in a resuming of normalcy, we are still expected (forced) to get used to a “new normal” which is simply not normal even after we are vaccinated.

There is no talk of when will there be a normal normal, no talk of going back to being a nation where we can breathe the air openly without being charged/ticketed. All that is discussed is oriented around something different and therefore abnormal. It is not that all change is awful but it is that these changes promoted are nothing short of foolishness not only for what they are in themselves but also for what they claim to be in response to. In fact, to call these policies and changes to life changes is unfair, it is more accurate to call them thefts since nothing has been done over the last year that has not been restricting or expressly based on taking away some right of the citizens in itself.

May God Bless our Nation!