An exposition of today’s lies and double standards.

Double standards exposed.

Over the last few days, we have seen perhaps the most revolutionary and democratic of events take place: the storming of Capitol Hill in Washington DC. This is true, whether the naysayers will admit it or not. This is especially accurate to state when one contrasts the “storming” with the undemocratic policies imposed upon the world by various leaders in the name of “Covid19 safety.” Unlike the lockdowns, the protest was organized and conducted by the people in revolt against the government/system and not vice-versa. A great deal can be learnt about the double standard-biased reporting in relation to these events.  

2020, A Time of Tyranny.

The year of our Lord 2020 was a year of excessive harsh and oppressive lockdown policies. These policies, despite being despised by the majority of common folk, were imposed undemocratically onto them by heads of governments. They targeted the freedom of citizens and families to travel, worship, earn a living independent of large corporations (like the Massy Group), and also regulated the very way in which they dress; namely demanding the face be covered.

Conservatively minded individuals were also -and continue to be- the target of big tech companies like Google, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube (owned by Google). These are the largest social platforms where ideas are spread and debated. Through 2020 and today, traditionally minded individuals and Christians have been removed entirely from the modern amphitheaters/debate halls by the very powers that control the new amphitheaters themselves. Although these social media platforms claim to be “tolerant” and open to all opinions they crack down on those who have any idea that remotely goes against “the norm”. The voice of the traditionalists, which is the voice of common sense, a voice far more common than the media would have one believe, has been totally disenfranchised by these powerful groups in the media and government.

These harsh restrictions of movement, trade, religion, and speech were all imposed in the most undemocratic of manners, yet no down cry of distress was ever heard by the media. No editorial was published in the Newsday Newspaper saying “A wish for democracy” or “Democracy on the brink!”

Instead, media houses here in Trinidad & Tobago, just as in the United States of America, praised lockdown measures and in some instances, even called for more restrictions and violations against individual liberty! The so-called “defenders of freedom, democracy, and human dignity” have now come to join with, and approve of, what is undoubtedly tyrannical and oppressive.

Where was the people’s vote? Where was the people’s consent? Where was even the people’s consultation in relation to the harsh covid19 policies? Did everyone vote to be compelled by necessity into one large grocery while their own home parlour and minimart was shut down? Did people choose not to be allowed to see their dying parents or grandparents while simultaneously being allowed to line up for groceries at Massy? Did they want to be locked out of their country and home? Nowhere was this democracy found or even sought remotely!

The wrath of the government is still in full swing here with Prime Minister Rowley planning to up the tyranny since new strains of Covid19 are now being discovered. Despite the fact that we are all forced to face the undemocratic wrath of Rowley’s administration, members of parliament and the media, instead are pushing focus on the “storming” of Capitol Hill as somehow the true threat to “western democracy” and TT. What an offensive shame!

The Paradox of Democracy.

These people who undoubtedly possess the power to paint an event as “good” or “bad” have seemed to forget that in a democracy lies a great paradox. Perhaps these undemocratic democrats never knew of this paradox in the first place… Democracy, whether they like it or not rests upon and can be broken by “the vote.” This paradox stands, the greatest threat to democracy is democracy itself since it too can usher in dictatorship or monarchy should that be the majority’s wish. The public can democratically vote out democracy itself. Therefore, even the overturning of democracy can be democratically done and if it is done it cannot be called undemocratic.

Capitol Hill Storming in true perspective.

Precisely what occurred in the US during and after the 2020 presidential election and leading up to the storming of Capitol Hill, is far more complex than the media houses in TT and the wider liberally-minded world are trying to make it seem. The media has been trying desperately to make the entire event seem normal and fine. To them, there was a “normal election” with “normal results.” Due to this, it is only natural that they attack and criticize the “abnormal response” of President Donald Trump and his supporters. The media is misrepresenting the cause in order to make it appear as not warranting the effect. This, of course, is distasteful, dishonest, and degenerate of them considering they claim to be “the guardians of democracy.”

The cause warrants the effect!

Compared to 2016, Trump increased his popularity, gaining more than 12 million votes. The powers-that-be continue to try make Trump seem nothing short of hated, but the fact remains that in the 2020 election 74 million Americans voted for Trump, an all-time high! The highest number of votes a president ever got before this new 74 million was Barack Obama in 2008 with 69 million votes. Joe Biden however, mystically managed to secure a whopping 81 million votes! Higher than the new record of Trump by 7 million votes and Obama’s previous record by a dumbfounding 12 million votes! Biden more popular than Obama? What!?

On the surface it is unbelievable… Biden, who was struggling to even appear remotely mentally stable for much of his campaign is somehow the most voted for presidential candidate ever? Prior to the weird and blurry weeks after election night, most liberals themselves thought Biden nothing short of purely hopeless. Even the liberal Washington Post had little faith in Biden, admitting that paired with his mental and physical issues were his weird and borderline sexual interactions with young girls.

Liberals have such little hope in Biden to even survive (mentally and physically) four years in office, they are now looking forward to the first female president of the US. Confronted by these dumbfounding surface-level facts it is only natural to question the legitimacy of the entire election on a deeper level.

First, one is hit with the never-before-seen reality of what took place on election night itself, then one is confronted with the blurry weeks which came afterward, and finally the instances of fraud. As said above, since the election is done the media are trying hard to make it seem as it was a normal election, but this was not their task during the election itself. The media instead made the election seem hyper-complex and confusing blaming Covid19 for taking a normal election and making it unfollowable to the common man. Yesterday they made it too complex to follow, today they make it seem too simple to refute… how convenient. Had the election actually gone seamlessly, the fraud may not have been possible, far less tolerated. Yet because of the complexity of the entire thing, many have fall victim to the “stupid-people-syndrome” considering it too hard to understand, so they accept.

The fraud.

The fact is that, based on the evidence, there is a great amount of reason to doubt the legitimacy of Biden’s 2020 presidential victory. An individual story can be written about each potential case of voter fraud, but here are some (not all) of the interesting claims. Note these claims were not at any point taken by the courts to be ‘baseless’ or ‘ridiculous,’ as the media wants everyone to think.

Concerning Nevada, on Dec 16 Attorney Jesse Binnall testified before the Senate Homeland Security Committee concerning the fraudulent situation. “Binnall had proof of nearly 90,000 fraudulent or improper votes that were cast, including instances where:

  1. More than 42,000 people voted multiple times.
  2. At least 1,500 people listed as “dead” voted.
  3. More than 19,000 non-residents voted.
  4. In excess of 8,000 people cast mail-in votes from non-existent addresses.
  5. Over 15,000 votes were cast from commercial or vacant addresses.
  6. Nearly 4,000 non-citizens voted.”

Consider that Biden won Nevada by a little over 33,000 votes.

Concerning Arizona, where Biden won by a little over 10,000 votes, The Arizona Republican Party alleges more than 100,000 ballots might have been improperly cast in the Grand Canyon State, including some 28,000 duplicated ballots in Maricopa County alone.”

Concerning Wisconsin, where Biden won by a little over 20,000 votes, a narrow 4-3 ruling went against Trump’s legal team at the Wisconsin Supreme Court. According to Newsmax, the Trump campaign was fighting that over 220,000 votes were fraudulent due to “incomplete absentee ballot envelopes where clerks filled in missing information,” as well as others that were “issued without a proper request, and still others that were the subject of ballot harvesting.” The Supreme Court simply stated that “the campaign was “not entitled to the relief it seeks.” A recount was also conducted in this state (to no avail) in which Trump observers were removed from the process. The Newsmax mentions that one cannot say Trump’s legal team was making baseless claims, especially when one considers that Biden underperformed Obama in all of the state by over 80% but largely outperformed him in the only five counties he needed to win.

Irregularities abound.

Irregularities abounded and suspicions occurred in each of the other swing states. [See Newsmax’s article for more.] However, in the liberally minded courts, be they republican or democrat elects, nothing went in Trump’s favour, this was expected. One must remember that these are the same lawmakers who have worked to make the poisonous transgenderism normal, these are the guys who promote homosexuality as normal, soon they may even promote paedophilia as an alternative “natural” and “good” sexual orientation…  These guys are not in favour of a conservative nation, far less a nationalist Christian one so expecting them to rule in favour of Trump’s legal team is pure fantasy. Note though, these courts still did not state that the claims of voter fraud presented by the Trump campaign were ‘baseless,’ something the media still has not stopped repeating since the election ended.

Considering everything in retrospect, is it not the most democratic and patriotic thing for the public to protest against and even storm congress demanding that these irregularities be properly addressed and the investigations be made public? It begs the question, “if the protesters did what they did in the name of “women’s rights,” “gay rights,” or in the name of ‘Black Lives Matter’ would the media have called the action a vile attack on democracy? Never. This is about who is on who’s side and nothing more.

What about TT?

That the US situation continues to dominate our press and influence our lives is sad, we have enough problems here to think about ourselves. Yet if one thing can be taken from the situation in the US and TT today it can be that faith in democracy is fading and this is very much a democratic occurrence.

We are too are frustrated with politicians (and their donors) that lie to gain power and then spend their time in power raping the treasury to enrich their already wealthy financiers.

Whether it be the “UNC v PNM” here or “Republican v Democrat” there, increased public disdain is growing for the failed two-party system. The people of the world are increasingly coming to desire, once again to be a part of a normal nation, a patriotic nation, under a patriotic leader, who operates in the interest of their own nation only. The world is becoming fed-up with leaders who are more focused on allowing men dressed as women into the lady’s bathroom than they are about national economic sustainability, culture, and social welfare.

Yes, democracy may come to a close, but its end will be a democratic death.

May God Bless Our Nation!