Gunman tunes for election campaign, Griffith Silent on the matter.

Trinidad & Tobago is suffering from all time high rates of violence and crime. The TTPS reported 539 murders nationwide in 2019, after 517 in 2018, 495 in 2017, 462 in 2016, and 420 in 2015. Now Only halfway through 2020, T&T has recorded over 250 murders.  

With only a couple days left before the nation’s general election, both the UNC and PNM have embraced the promoters of violence and waywardness in order to promote their own parties. It is absolutely insane how low these dominant political entities have stooped in order to gain popularity. It shows that they are concerned more about doing what is popular than with what is right.

For the UNC, several remixed gunman songs and artists were used to promote their popularity. Two examples will suffice: “Medz Boss” and “Prince Swanny.”

Medz Boss’ UNC promotional song is a makeover of his popular song titled “Fear we.” In the original, Medz boasts of balancing rifles and bussing heads back among many other unrepeatable things. All in all, the song, as is learned through the title, is loaded with gunman lyrics. The original song has above 7 million views on YouTube, and it is for this reason that the UNC chose to use the same song with only lyrical alterations. It is likely that the UNC paid Medz for the tune.

Picture from Medz “fear we” music video

Swanny’s UNC promotional song for which he too was likely paid, is a makeover of his other popular gunman song “Real Mad Dogs.” In the original, Swanny boasts of killing people and all of the like. The UNC, like with Medz’s song, took the same song only having Swanny change the lyrics to be about “voting UNC.”

Picture from Swanny’s “real mad dogs” music video

Now for the PNM. On this side, the popular gunman song “Touchdown” from artist “Rondo” was lyrically altered to promote the PNM. In the original Rondo boats consistently about murder. Rondo is seen posing with AG Faris Al-Rawi in the picture for his new “Touchdown” PNM remix.

From Rondo’s “touchdown” video

Another artist used by the PNM for promotion was “Trinidad Ghost.” To be fair this song was not a simple makeover of an already made gunman song, but like the other, mentioned artist Ghost is known for his gunman “zesser” lyrics.

I asked Police Commissioner Gary Griffith what he thought about this move by the two dominant political entities, but he chose not to comment.