868 Media editor on the Luke Gooding Podcast

Editor of 868 Media, James Lanser joined the Luke Gooding podcast for a conversation.

Topics discussed include:

  1. Racism,
  2. Supporting Your Own,
  3. National Pride,
  4. The True Notion of Diversity,
  5. The Chinese Threat to National Sovereignty, and more.
Luke Gooding Podcast #1

It is important to note that for this conversation no preparatory documents or schemes were drafted. As a result, the discussion is opinionated in approach and general in content. Enjoy

May God Bless our nation!

James David Lanser is a 22-year-old Trinidadian journalist whose work typically explores social, economic, political, and cultural themes. He is the editor and founder of the 868 Media project. To contact James, you can email: jamesdlanser@gmail.com