A response to a senator’s call for legislation that will aid in normalizing and protecting homosexuality.

This is a commentary article on a story recently published in the TT Newsday titled: “Senator: Extend protection orders to cover same-sex unions.”

On Monday 22 June independent senator Hazel Thompson-Ahye, called for the Domestic Violence (Amendment) Bill 2010 to include and provide protection to homosexual couples/unions. 

The senator’s argument to protect homosexuals is yet a further attempt to normalize homosexuality in Trinidad and Tobago since it places homosexual relationships on the same standing as heterosexual ones. While many people try and argue that homosexuality is the same as heterosexuality (since it fulfills the emotional needs of a relationship,) one cannot ignore that the scientific purpose of the sexual act and relationship is the procreation of the species. Logically, since two people of the same gender cannot procreate, it is perfectly scientific and reasonable to call homosexual relations unnatural no matter how “satisfying” they may be to those who indulge in them. 

Independent Senator Hazel Thompson-Ahye

Homosexuality may be satisfying, both physically and emotionally, however, this does not mean it is good or that it should be legally protected by our government. To a thief, the act of stealing is satisfying, to a usurer the act of lending money at unfair and advantageous rates (like most modern banks), and to a pedophile the act of molesting little children. No one does something they do not think satisfying, no matter how unsatisfying the evil deed may seem to others. Are we really ready to legislate on the premise of “individual satisfaction” or “emotional love?” These both are concepts that are unconcretely airy-fairy and therefore, can be used to justify a placidity of nonsense.

What is motivating this senator to push for further normalization of homosexuality in T&T?

Like in most of “T&T’s” other social issues, the call to action does not begin within our own shores after an examination of what the average Trini finds wanting. Hence, to this senator, it is of urgent importance to protect and treat the act of homosexual sex with the same level of respect as heterosexual sex since this has been done by “the  jurisdictions of Ontario and Queensland.” 

The senator goes on to make the observation that “people in same-sex unions can be victims… Lives may be saved if they had protection orders.” The senator ignores that perhaps the best protection people with homosexual tendencies have against violence is to be protected from the homosexual lifestyle. The Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago studied the matter in the United States, a nation that has far more homosexuals per capita than T&T. Commenting on one of the conclusions of the research (which included over 30,000 participants,) psychologist Richard Carroll concluded that one of our startling findings was that rates of domestic violence among same-sex couples is pretty consistently higher than for opposite-sex couples.”

On this point, the majority of our nation’s population still thinks sanely and therefore continues to reject the homosexual lifestyle as an unnatural occurrence and precursor to the LGBT ideology. Yet this has not stopped a dictatorship of political correctness from suppressing opposing views in relation to these social issues that are being promoted by the media in conformity to the United Nation’s aims and objectives. It is very much the UN that continues to push the western world to change its scientific stance on the poisonous LGBT ideology. This much is evident from their own website.

[Side note: Today pedophiles are trying to get normalized within the LGBT movement, describing themselves as just another alternative sexual orientation. After all, “love is love.”]

But aren’t LGBT people, people?

Yes, LGBT people are people, but this is not the premise by which their actions should be evaluated as good and healthy. Everyone who acts is a person, we judge rightly that a person is either right or wrong in doing a certain action based firstly on the act itself and not on the fact that they are a person (they would not be able to be accountable for their actions if they were not people).

This method of normalizing the LGBT ideology seems witty at best and uncanny at least. Witty, since it is hard to detect the error and uncanny since it is insincere. We say a thing is or is not good by what it is first. By saying all homosexual sex is good since it is done by people, the LGBT proponents disallow any critic of the homosexual act which is supposed to be our main concern in relation to the issue. We are not concerned with individual homosexual men or women but with the act of homosexual sex which is distinct from those who engage in it.

It is sophistry to avoid and evade focusing the conversation on the actual actions. It is to avoid stating the scientific facts and disallow everyone from pointing to the obvious facts that, for example, the anus is not a sex organ. 

It is not hate for LGBT people that motivates those who speak out against their movement. Rather, the vocal opposition is the result of properly analyzing what exactly the LGBT movement promotes and declares as licit. 

There is no room for democracy in homosexuality

This senator’s appeal shows forth the reality that it is still not our nation that collectively drives our legislative bodies to normalize a given phenomenon, rather it is the influence of other nations and their globalist organizations. 

Citizens protesting the removal of the buggery law, April 2018.

Social media is another issue in relation to the subject. On social media, one finds Trini’s very vocally supporting the idea that homosexuality is all well and good. Yet, from the moment one walks our streets and asks the question a tsunami of common sense is unleashed and the shortfalls of social media exposed. One needs only flashback to April 2018 for clear evidence that T&T is not in favour of normalizing and protecting the act of homosexuality and in a true democracy the voices of the majority should outweigh the power of the minority. 

Citizens protesting outside the removal of the buggery law, April 2018, outside parliament

The same senator on corporal punishment and violence. 

In the same article the senator in speaking links corporal punishment to violence. “[A]s a society we continued to “grapple to our bosom… and we wonder why we are so violent.”” 

This comment seems to be made in total neglect of the facts regarding violence. Corporal punishment is increasingly less common in T&T. It was been banned in schools since 2001 and further legislation was made in 2012 in relation to the issue. Despite this push to be softer on children since the year 2000, there has been an increase in violent crime throughout T&T, not a decrease.

Perhaps the problem of our nation is that we are raising victims instead of victors. Alas. 

May God bless our nation!

James David Lanser is a 22-year-old Trinidadian journalist whose work typically explores social, economic, political, and cultural themes. He is the editor and founder of the 868 Media project. To contact James, you can email: jamesdlanser@gmail.com