BLM & Trinidad Nationalism

868 Media is openly pro-Trinidad & Tobago, the agenda promoted is principally in the interest of the good of our nation which we ask God to continually bless each time we solemnly pledge our life to it in a patriotism that is unyielding. Despite being freed of colonial rule over 50 years ago, today this very same magnificent nation and its magnificent people finds itself enslaved and at the beck and call of a few in the name of globalism and “the international economy.” To 868 Media, race is of little importance when viewed in parallel with the aims and agendas of this few, aims and agendas which are hidden from plain sight and yet are subtly forced down the throats of the simple God Fearing people of T&T by way of the mainstream media and public education. Far more than the stealth of their dangerous political ideologies and agendas which continue to swallow our national sovereignty, are these incredulous ill-intended men and women who want nothing more from T&T than all of our economic produce and prosperity for themselves, largely at the expense of our morale, wellbeing, and economic sustainability. 

Wolves in sheep’s clothing are dominating our markets with their large multi-national organizations through various tactful and unfair monopolistic business strategies. Today T&T farmers find their own local produce unfit for a market filled with foreign goods supplied by a rich minority. This monopolistic few works in union with the government which provides them with unfair contractual agreements, protects their market share, and refuses to dismantle their monopolies by the much-needed enforcement of the existing anti-trust legislation of 2006 (properly called “The Fair Trading Act”). Public opinion is dominated by these monopolies through control of the media by means of direct investment or/and advertising funds. The media then will have you believe that what these corporate conglomerates do is nothing short of angelic. As a result of this economic power, governmental influence, and media control, should anyone so much as expose the injustice of this few they would find themselves in the great danger of death at worst and public ridicule at least. 

In T&T today a minority is in control of the majority of the nation’s productive wealth and property. The average Trinidadian finds himself a wage slave who is being paid just enough to need the job he has and yet not enough to be able to develop and thus abandon it. To say this is frustrating the nation would be an understatement. This situation can be remedied through a collective effort if that effort is directed rightly. The needed action and unrest must be directed against the thing which caused it. Therefore policy changes and legislative action need to be directed against unfair monopolies with the aim of creating a T&T where wealth is more evenly shared without being stolen. No doubt the few who are at the top got there by legitimate means, however, a system that rewards selfishness and upholds market domination fails to set limits on the amount of assets one family can have. 

Instead of protesting the grotesque situation highlighted above, the media and American globalists have pushed a racially oriented trend in the Black Lives Matter organisation (BLM). All of America’s powerful media machines and the UN have been encouraging and promoting an agenda that supposedly sheds light upon white supremacy and oppression directed by white men against blacks. (Here I speak of BLM the American organization and not the phrase “black lives matter” which it uses) While the group is American through and through, people of our beloved Twin-Island have been sucked into the trap like a dog is sucked into chasing a red herring in the hunting ground. Sympathizers of BLM argue that in T&T it is a racial problem and not a systematic one, only they call it “systemic racism.” This must be rejected. If the current race which dominates the country is removed while the same system is upheld, a different race might make up the few that dominate the majority, but they will still remain a few and they will still dominate the majority. Further while the few at the top might be predominantly of one race, it would be false to say they were the only race there. This proves that the problem is not a race one but a structural one that once started fairly but is now dominated unjustly.

Black citizens of our Twin Island are being fooled and reduced purely to a history that is limiting and a problem that is unfixable. Instead of being shown why they have less economic power, independence, and societal autonomy blacks are being provided with smoke and mirrors by the BLM organization. To make matters worse it is the same conglomerate controlled media organizations that are race-baiting and directing the frustration of our nation to mere concrete statues rather than the living breathing men that have the control. Destroying elements of yesterday will not change or solve the problems of today. History is unchangeable but the same is not true for the future.

Without condemning the goodwill of us Trinidadian people and our Tobagonian brothers, we must admit that the BLM organization will do no good for us since we can analyze its desires and envision a nation where its aims are achieved. Rather than aiming at freeing black families from wage slavery and dependency on the “global economy” BLM, as stated on their website, aims to destroy the nuclear family structure of husband, wife, and children. Broken homes are already a big enough issue as it is, but BLM wants to promote the problem as a solution, ignoring the emotional, educational, and social setbacks broken homes have on child development.

 BLM does not enable or promote citizens to have economic independence in a nationalized economy, instead, it aims at only removing non-black market dominators with black ones, which will still leave the majority of blacks (like other races) enslaved to a minority. Instead of aiming at providing black families of T&T with economic sustainability through appropriate legislation and action, BLM hopes to achieve a “queer‐affirming network” giving the poisonous gender ideology a green light. Black lives do matter and this is the BLM’s trojan horse. Now at a time when black Trinis are victims of broken homes, increased drug usage, and criminal activity they, like everyone else, find themselves also hit with the severe setbacks of trying to survive in an economy swallowed by the rich and powerful. 

The frustration of having little ownership of productive property and capital can be changed by the implementation of one of two solutions. Either the wealth-generating property and land is evenly distributed or entirely surrendered. The first solution is a distributive one and the other communist. 

The distributive solution means ensuring that more individuals have ownership in the wealth-producing assets and resources and therefore, they maintain their freedom. The communist solution is the exact opposite, it is to take the concentrated capital and concentrate it further into a group of elected officials; the state. The state would then have complete control over the productive property and therefore, the citizens would lose their freedom. The distributist solution, therefore, is to be preferred since it protects private property and freedom of citizens from both corporate monopolies and government agencies.

What is really needed to implement the distributist solution where, as many people as possible are owners of the wealth-generating property is a healthy nationalism where the solution is sought after by acknowledging that Trinidad & Tobago has enough resources to feed its own people and meet its own economic needs. The answer will not be found in a hatred for the colour of the people at the top, but rather for the structure that upholds them. 

May every creed and race find an equal place and may God bless our nation!

James David Lanser is a 22-year-old Trinidadian journalist whose work typically explores social, economic, political, and cultural themes. He is the editor and founder of the 868 Media project. To contact James, you can email: