Corona Chronicle 2: The Failure of Globalism

As the covid19 meltdown continues and the cases rise globally very few have addressed the heart of the issue, or rather its veins. Claims continue to spread online about what and who is responsible for the spawn of Covid19. Yet, counter to what one might think, the spreaders of the claims never seem to address the spreading itself. This has the horrible effect of leaving the silent beast responsible untouched: globalism.

Globalism facilitates spreading, only people never seem to acknowledge this as a bad thing. Practically every country in the world today has sacrificed their national sovereignty in the name of globalism seeing the “overall good of the world” as more important than the overall good of their nation. We are now in an ever-interconnected world where countries no longer are able to sustain themselves but instead focus on sustaining “the world.” In short, globalism is the system where each country is a slave to all the others. Countries today are no longer self-sustaining, instead, they specialize in producing/providing one thing that is demanded by their master: the global market.

This is the system that must take the blame and be held responsible for the spread of the Coronavirus. Yes, it is true that China failed in properly handling the virus in its early stages in January, however, it is globalism that made the small town of Wuhan in China so connected to the entire world.

The idea that “the world” is one big happy family is what has got us here. While it is true that no one nation is objectively above another, each nation should naturally view itself more favourably than any other. This natural reality is seen in the way we now close our borders due to the virus. This is not xenophobic. If you are from Africa, nothing is wrong with having far more affection for Africa than for Europe or China. If you are from one Caribbean Island it is totally expected that you cherish that Island over the others. This is healthy patriotism and we ought to act and economically organize our nations in like manner, not only in crisis.

Globalism kills this patriotism by demanding every nation be mixed with every other nation. Globalists always say we should sacrifice our preferences and instead embrace “diversity.” Yet in this, is seen hate for diversity as its eradication continues. They say the mixing of all the peoples and the annihilating of self-sustained nations will make everything beautiful. Apply this wack theory to anything beautiful like the rainbow and you will hardly find favour with the philosophy. Indeed every colour in the rainbow loses its diverse spectacle if mixed with the others, destroying not only its individual uniqueness but that also of the whole.

Can we love our country and yet do nothing to ensure she possesses liberty and freedom? This is the core of the issue. Look at Trinidad & Tobago, when oil prices dwindle so do our smiles, the nation is enslaved to the global market, we have adopted this failure, we are enslaved. Every single minister of finance and prime minister embody and enjoy our enslavement. The ministers bring with them the false aim of improving TT’s global competitiveness. Why must we fall slave to the global when we can do many things ourselves. Do we not at least have enough land, trees, minerals, animals, etc to supply ourselves?

China gets sick, we all get sick. Granted this continues, we must expect worse than this virus even things that may be purposely done.

Love for our nation and its prosperity will continue to deteriorate if we continue to allow businesses to do what families can, governments to do what businesses can, and other nations do what our own nation can.

In this virus, globalism is brought to its knees and its failure stares us in the face! This is the good that comes from the virus, the demon is on display!

May God Bless Our Nation!