Crisis Domination: CoronaChronicle #1.

The virus is here, the number of confirmed cases continues to increase, and despite the high unlikeliness of death, many now fear it.

Crisis Domination

Fear of the virus has managed to dominate our emotions and drive us into self-quarantine. Yet counter to what one may be tempted to think, this is not so much the work of the virus itself, despite its enormity and rapid spread. The virus is a crisis, yet its power seems to come from those who (a) abuse, (b) politize, and (c) weaponize it.

An abused virus

To say the virus is not being abused would be foolish, just open your phone. The media have finally got what they wanted: fear. Everyone is stuck to their phones, glued to their screens and finally, they are listening to the mainstream media.

This is a very important fact to note since most mainstream media organizations globally are failing. No one cares about the media but it seems corona is the break they needed. Finally, they got something, they have millions of panicking citizens concerned about the safety of their lives.

All of this is big bucks for media companies since it means more direct sales from those who buy access to their content. It also will increase their indirect sales since the media will no doubt be selling the frightened, vulnerable eyes to advertisers.


Another group dominating the crisis are the politicians, a disease the world has known for far longer than the coronavirus. Now the same fear the media uses to make money and gain credibility is being used by this group to gain public support!

The media feed on the fear, they propagate every possible story about the virus, the government and opposition use the fear to promise security.

The politicization of the virus is observed in every infected country. America’s President Trump is attacked for neglect ( for not going along with the media), Italy’s Salvini was called fascist for suggesting a Chinese travel ban as early as January, and Trinidad & Tobago’s anti-spread measures are being called out as unattainable by every anti-PNM politician in the country.

In most cases the messages of these politicians are the same: “I would do it better!”, “It is being handled horribly!”, “That suggestion is ridiculous!”

Crisis Weaponization

All throughout the world governments have come to show the citizens what little autonomy they really have. Despite most of the affected countries having the freedom of ownership and the right to freely conduct business enshrined in their constitutions, many governments are now taking draconian action against businesses that refuse their commands.

Business is being prohibited as governments consider borrowing billions in foreign aid to “weather the storm.” The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is setting up a $1 Trillion fund, $10 Billion will be available for low-income countries. Will countries really have any ability to refuse any demands made on them by an organization that has given them $10 Billion?

The shutting down of churches also demonstrates the Godless secularism that is plaguing the modern world. During the past plagues, never was it considered to shut the doors of Churches, nor were priests found “caged in their library” to use Pope Francis’ words. Quite the contrary, what we find paintings depicting of those plagues is priests and nuns in the front line, directly aiming to heal the soul of the ill while the doctor worked on his/her body.

Lessons to learn

Amidst all this confusion and chaos we have a lot to learn. The first thing to come to terms with is how vulnerable we are as a society. The media and government despite being mistrusted by most, have shown the true extent of their existing power. Today they say jump and everyone asks, “how high?”

Also, where are all of those “one-world” fanatics who always demand we “build bridges, not walls?” It’s become clear that the promoters of globalism and the haters of independent sovereignty are hypocrites. Today they hide behind some of the best-built walls since Berlin’s. Today the globalist open border demanders like Jeffrey Sacks, George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and all of the UN globalists are silent.

The failure of globalism brings us to the close of the first chronicle, in chronicle 2 we will examine globalism a bit more and why it is mainly to blame for the situation in which we find ourselves.

May God bless our nation!