False Alarm of Coronavirus in Jamaica, what you need to know about the virus.

Was the Caribbean saved by the bell?

After reports spread of a possible Coronavirus case in St Andrew, Jamaica at the University Hospital of the West Indies, Jamaican Minister of Health and Wellness Dr Christopher Tufton dismissed the reports as having no truth in them.

There is no truth to the claim that there is a case of the new Coronavirus at the University Hospital of the West Indies.

Stated Tufton in a Twitter post.

Why did everyone think the virus had reached Jamaica?

The reason for everyone thinking the virus had officially reached Jamaica was due mainly to the doctors at the emergency room. In evaluating the patient, they saw the patient had recently travelled to China, therefore, they thought the patient may have the picked up the new and somewhat mysterious Coronavirus while there.

The patient does not meet the case definition of the virus but out of an abundance of caution the doctors just wanted to ensure that they discuss this.

Said the head of the Univesity Hospital of the West Indies, Carl Bruce.

Now one thing to keep in mind is that it isn’t exactly known how recent this patient was actually in China. However, judging from the initial panic or false alarm, it wouldn’t be a bad guess to think the patient may have only returned from China after the Coronavirus was already breaking in international news. This would mean that it’s likely the patient returned from China after Jan 1 2020.

Jamaican case does not meet the definition of the Coronavirus

The Doctor in charge of the Jamaican hospital (which experienced the possible case of the coronavirus) stated clearly that it was only on the initial preliminary diagnosis by the emergency team that the doctors thought coronavirus may have been the patient’s case. He confirmed that it certainly was not coronavirus according to coronavirus’ definition.

What is going on with the Coronavirus now anyway?

At this point, the Coronavirus has infected over four thousand people, most of which are cases inside of mainland China. Thailand has experienced fourteen cases, Hong Kong eight, and Japan seven.

The virus has however spread across the pond, with the United States having five confirmed cases and Canada two.

For realtime information check out John Hopkins CSSE live update of the diseases spreading.

What is China doing about the disease?

China is trying to maintain control over the virus which originated in Wuhan China. The government is sending the city supplies and doctors. China’s government is also building hospitals at record speed to deal with the virus without requiring patients to travel.

The CDC recommends that all travellers avoid non-essential travel to all of China due to the virus outbreak.

How worried should the Caribbean be about the disease?

As with all health-related, it issues it is only commonsensical to have a sense of worry about the disease. However, while the disease does have some degree of mysteriousness to it, it must be mentioned that only 106 infected people have died as a result. This means that only around 2.6% of those infected have died.

Although the number of deaths considered may seem low two things must be considered.

  1. The rate in which this virus is spreading is of major concern.
  2. The death toll is high in relation to the virus’ first appearance at the beginning of Jan 2020. (It is also expected to rise.)

868 Media encourages all Caribbean nationals to avoid all travel to Asia and to be very cautious when travelling anywhere since airports are breeding grounds for germs and viruses.

Oh! Just in case you never heard of the coronavirus before.

It affects many parts of the body and in some cases can result in death.

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If you would like to know more about the virus this video is great: