“Imagine Guardian had all the information, nothing was published until 868 Media publicized the matter.”

Despite having all the information (about the woman who lost her child in the SFGH) Guardian Media left the story and only decided to “take it on” after 868 Media had already taken it viral, here is how it played out.

Jan 17 2020: 868 Media receives a tip through our Facebook page concerning a case of a possible medical negligence situation at the San Fernando General Hospital that ultimately resulted in the loss of a child.

Morning, I have a serious topic that I think you should look into: The Public Health Crisis.

Jan 17 2020: A Facebook user’s message.

868 Media proceeded to contact the individual and investigate the matter. During this time the same individual who originally gave us the tip on the story informed us that he had given the same information to Guardian Media after receiving a message from Guardian Editor Renuka Singh.

The initial Facebook message of Jan 17 2020 from Singh

Jan 20 2020: 868 Media contacts the SFGH to inform them of the story and tries to receive some form of response. The hospital said our inquiry would be forwarded and an investigation opened into the matter.

Jan 23 2020: 868 Media broke the story. Later CNC3TV of the Guardian Media covered the story in their 7 pm newscast.

Imagine that I gave Guardian media all the information. Nothing was published.

Stated the individual who put both 868 Media and Guardian onto the story.


The instant objection that one might have with 868 Media claiming that Guardian Media was not taking the story seriously is that they may have “needed time” in order to develop, organize, meet the individual, and then shoot their news piece for their 7 pm newscast.

However, Guardian Media despite having all the information since Jan 17 2020 never contacted the young woman who lost her child. It was not until Jan 23 2020, after 868 Media published the story that they decided to “jump in.”

They [Guardian Media] didn’t reach out to me back then, sorry to say… now that 868 Media posted it they want to contact me.

Said the lady.

But why ignore the story?

So having showcased the proof the question is “why would Guardian Media have all the information concerning such a matter and yet do nothing about it?”

868 Media cannot claim to answer however, one thing must be made mention of when dealing with established media houses in Trinidad & Tobago: advertising.

Several government agencies throughout TT use Guardian Media to advertise their initiatives and win public opinion. Advertisers hold a lot of power over these media agencies since if such organizations pull their advertisements from the press it could result in huge profit losses.

868 Media encourages all readers and viewers of Guardian Media to be aware of the fact that not only do government advertisements assist in fueling their news operation but also to remember that Guardian Media is a subset of the ANSA McAl Group, making objective reporting concerning hundreds of TT companies unlikely.

868 Media has contacted Guardian Media and is still waiting for their official response to the situation, an update will come to the story once the response is given.