The South-West Regional Health Authority responded to 868 Media’s news story.

The South-West Regional Health Authority (SWRHA) has responded to 868 Media news story: Pregnant Woman’s child dies while waiting for doctor at San Fernando General Hospital

The SWRHA released a press release on Jan 23 2020 stating in relation to the matter of a young lady who lost her unborn child while waiting for a doctor to see her on Jan 6 2020.

The SWRHA takes note of a media report about an unfortunate incident which involves a former patient…. when she visited the San Fernando General Hospital (SFGH).

The SWRHA press release stated.

SWRHA said a full investigation is “currently underway to ascertain what transpired during the visit of the patient.” The press release also mentioned that the patients and her family were informed about the investigation.

SWRHA said management and staff of their organization are “dishearted by the details shared and commiserate with the anguish experienced by the patient and her family.”

The lady, who requested anonymity in the story, is claiming negligence on behalf of the SFGH since she visited the hospital on two prior occasions and claims she was told on both occasions that her child was fine. She also said that she was forced to remain attached her lifeless child for nine hours before being attended to by a doctor.

SWRHA is encouraging members of the public to “direct complaints, comments or suggestions to their TOLL-FREE number 87-SWRHA (877-9742), which facilitates real-time intervention on any SWRHA matter.”

The SWRHA prides itself in delivering excellent customer service, with care, compassion and competence.

Stated the SWRHA press release.

See the full release below:

Ink was added since the release disclosed the patient’s identity.