Pregnant woman loses her child in the San Fernando General Hospital while waiting for care.

On December 11 2019 a young woman (who requested anonymity) four months into her pregnancy went to the San Fernando General Hospital (SFGH) in what she described as unbearable pain. She complained to the hospital personnel of also experiencing abnormal bleeding.

The bleeding lady was put to wait for several hours before seeing an intern in ward 15B of the hospital. According to the woman, the intern did a minimal check up on her and then put her to wait an additional two hours for the qualified gynaecologist. On seeing the doctor she was cleared and sent home without receiving any advice or medication.

He sent me home, with no medication. I was just sent home. one week, two weeks, three weeks passed. Same pain…

The young woman said.

After experiencing the same pain for a little over three weeks, the lady returned to the SFGH on January 3 2020. “The pain was unbearable since it had been going on for so long,” she said. “I had to wait around eight hours before seeing someone on this occasion.”

She again described her pain to another intern saying things like “I know something is wrong with my child, please help.” However, after conducting an ultrasound the intern told her the child was fine, gave her gravol and morphine for the pain and told her to take a seat.

“A few seconds after taking the medication I started feeling sick, I wanted to vomit and last thing I remembered was being woken up by other patients that were waiting. I passed out and fell on the ground. I had only half of my conciousness and could hear people calling the nurse and doctor. The doctor said leave me there on the floor. That I would get up when I’m ready.”

The lady recounted.

After gaining full consciousness she, for the second time left the hospital in growing pain. Her pain was also paired with growing worries for the life of her unborn child since she knew something was not right.

She returned to the SFGH on January 6 2020 at around 11pm in what she described as pain that was even worse than all that she was feeling since December 11 2019. At this point, she was bleeding and her boyfriend, who was assisting her throughout the pregnancy, had to carry her to and from the car and lay her down since she could not stand or sit due to the pain and bleeding.

They [SFGH personnel] brought me a wheelchair, and they knew that I couldn’t sit because my boyfriend told them what was going on. But I still struggled to sit on the wheelchair in triage for about one hour. I was in pain, crying and begging to be seen. My boyfriend begged them to see about me, they told him I had to wait. Around three hours past and at around 2am I started screaming, I told my boyfriend “its coming out, my baby is coming out,” he ran and told the doctor. With no ward attendant to be seen my boyfriend lifted me off the wheelchair with blood dripping from me and put me on a bed in triage.”

Said the lady.

When a doctor finally arrived it was too late. The young lady lost the child after delivering the child five months early.

“A doctor came and told me I’m panicking for nothing. They said they would have to examine me… Now at this point I was thinking “how will you examine me when my child is already out?” After raising up my dress and seeing my dead baby they started panicking.

The young lady recounted

The young lady was lifted again by her boyfriend and placed on a hospital trolley and then wheeled to another part of the hospital where she remained, still attached to her child, for over nine hours.

“On the ward no nurses attended to me, I tried asking them for help but they just left me… After a while an intern came, she just asked me a few questions and examined my belly, I was in a lot of pain and was feeling very uncomfortable. Every time I looked down I was seeing my baby helpless and lifeless on the trolly bed.”

She recounted.

It was not until around 10am the following morning Jan 7 2020 that an intern came and assisted her in removing the placenta. A doctor then came in to see her shortly after, this she said was the first time she was seen by a qualified doctor since she went to the SFGH at around midnight on Jan 6 2020.

“Finally at 10 am [Jan 7] one of the head doctors came to see me and said ‘it already out‘ as though it was nothing… As though it wasn’t a child, a human.”

The lady said.

The traumatized lady was sent home from the hospital at around 11:30 am on Jan 7 2020 after spending what she describes as easily the worst night of her life in the SFGH with some of the worst people [doctors].

“Because of hospital negligence I lost my baby and had to see my little child dead for nine hours. Still attached to me. They never took me seriously when I went to them in pain many times before.” 

The lady stated.

The young lady and her family are planning to bring a legal case of medical negligence against the hospital and have already informed the hospital of their intention and displeasure.

The lady provided 868 Media with photos of the documentation she received from the SFGH after her visits. She also gave 868 Media photos of the ultrasound dated Jan 3 2020 and a photo of her stillborn child. All of this evidence corresponds to her telling of the story.

The SFGH responded to 868 Media stating “information will be forwarded to the appropriate personnel for an investigation and an update will be provided.”

The South-West Regional Health Authority (SWRHA) has issued a full response to 868 Media. You can access their response by clicking: South-West Regional Health Authority: ‘Full investigation underway’ on SFGH issue