Mayor Martinez says there is more to come for Chinatown.

Port of Spain Mayor Joel Martinez said the Chinatown project is only “now beginning.” Martinez was speaking to 868 Media in an interview for an upcoming 868 Media video on the Chinatown project.

The mayor also said the Chinatown signs were put up before the entire project rolled out as part of a plan to ease the project in rather than doing everything at a later date. He mentioned that not doing all the infrastructure work before the signs may have also run the risk of the project not happening at all since local government positions do not last very long (a period of three years).

A bit of unedited footage of 868 Media’s interview with Port of Spain Mayor Joel Martinez. Here many of the claims discussed in this article can be heard.

Martinez said they are far more developments and changes to come to Charlotte street, which he plans to pedestrianize. The pavements are to be removed, the roads tiled, Chinese lanterns installed and lion statues placed at the entrance of the street.

The second part of it [Chinatown] would be to receive another gift from the Chinese embassy, a gift of laterns to adorn the streets from the bottom of Independence Square all the way up to Park Street and that would make it very festive looking.

Martinez said.

Martinez was asked a series of other questions regarding the Chinatown project, these will be public in an upcoming 868 Media video that addresses the current Chinatown project and the various concerns people have regarding the project.

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