868 Media’s video on Guiria-Venezuelan migration to Trinidad.

On November 12 we posted a short video on how Venezuelans manage to penetrate Trinidad’s borders.

Journalist James Lanser heading to Venezuela to film the video.

The video was received greatly by the public and helped to put eastern Venezuelan migration into perspective.

The video focused solely on uncovering how Venezuelans from Guiria enter Trinidad by boat. In less than a 3-hour boat ride.

In the video, we looked at how the migrants drive to docs in the Chaguaramas region where a car is normally awaiting them. We spoke to an anonymous owner of one doc in the region and they confirmed that this was the case.

From Trinidad’s most western Island Chacachacare, Venezuela is clearly visible.

A little over a week after the video was released the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard stopped 34 Venezuelan migrants in a boat at the very same region mentioned and shown in the video.

Alcan Bay Chaguaramas, where 34 Venezuelan migrants from Guiria were held only days after James released the video to 868 Media’s YouTube.
From Chaguaramas, Venezuela is visible.

868 Media hopes to continue bringing you eye-opening videos and help you to understand the news and its significance via our videos.