Local woes over a Chinatown Charlotte Street

The mirroring of Port of Spain to China’s capital city of Shangai is causing quite an uproar on the interwebs. More so is the apparent “renaming” of Charlotte Street to Chinatown. Angry citizens are blasting the deal for lacking vision, being foolish, and neglecting the local vendors.

Citizens are also accusing the deal of exploiting the vast capital that passes through the famous economic hub in TT.

Why Charlotte st why not Henry st or Fredrick st or any other street, you know why because Charlotte st has turned into one of the best money-making street in Port of Spain because of the Vendors and now they want to Capitalize.

Said one person on Facebook

Newsday broke the story first in 2018 saying ” Speaking in a telephone interview he [PoS Mayor] said the plan was to make Charlotte Street from Park Street to Independence Square into a Chinatown (an enclave of Chinese in a non-Chinese town) where two monuments would be erected as is seen in most metropolitan cities.”

This Chinatown deal is not new, hands were shaken officially this May and only after was the public consultation held. Meaning the deal had already been agreed on before the public could have expressed any views about the proposal.

Chinese Ambassador Song Yumin, PoS Mayor Joel Martinez and Shanghai Deputy Secretary General shake hands flanked by delegation members from Shangahai.
PoS Mayor Joel Martinez, Chinese Ambassador Song Yumin and Shanghai Deputy Secretary-General shook hands on the China Town deal first in May 2019.

MP for North/St Anns West Stu­art Young said he was disappointed about the small size of the public three consultations which took place this week.

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