Watson Duke’s response to being charged with sedition

Watson Duke said today in his press conference that he is “ready to take Rowley in the ring and knock him out.” However, he clarified that he was speaking in a purely political sense.

Duke said as of November 30, he would no longer be the president of the PSA. He made this decision in order to serve Tobago properly as a full-time house of assembly member starting December 1.

Duke who is the leader of the Progressive Democratic Party (PDP) also said he is experiencing trouble being both a politician and a union leader.

Duke had strong words for Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley claiming Rowley sees himself as a King and that anyone who speaks against him is attacked.

Duke said his charges were not about sedition at all but instead were related to him upsetting “king Rowley. ”

“When I told him [Rowley] to shut his mouth up I heart his feelings.”

Duke said.

Duke said the sedition act restricts the freedom of speech and that the way in which someone commits the crime of sedition is unclear.

On the topic of politics with the PDP Duke said a conference will be held at another date where he will give full detail as to what seats the party will contest.

About the PDP’s abilities, Duke was confident about prospects in Tobago and said he would speak more about politics in a later press conference.

“We have nothing to fear in Tobago but they [government/opposition] have things to fear in Trinidad”

Duke claimed.

The PDP has no money and no backing from the elites, Dukes claims it is entirely a party of and for the peasants.

You know that Watson Duke is a man of the peasants. And I think it’s time the peasants have a king of their own.

Duke said.

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