A secret meeting between US officials and member of Maduro’s inner circle took place last month.

Secret communications between Venezuela and United States officials have been reported with the potential possibility of leading to the ousting of President Nicholas Maduro. According to a senior in the US administration (whose name has been withheld) members of Maduro’s inner circle are trying to guarantee their safety if they agree to turn on Maduro.

Diosdado Cabello, who is considered to be an extremely powerful figure in Venezuela is said to have conducted a secret meeting in Caracus with US officials last month.

It’s not clear whether the talks have Maduro’s approval or not.

States the Accosiated Press.

Cabello, 56, is a member of Venezuela’s armed forces and it is said that his power in the country is continuing to grow as Maduro’s is weakened.

US officials have in the past however claimed that Cabello is somewhat a drug lord who is involved in massive corruption and they claim e threatened the life of a sitting U.S. senator.

The US official who broke the news in anonymity said the goal of engaging in such talks is to add pressure to the regime that is occurring in Venezuela now.

The official said the US has similar contacts like Cabello in Venezuela and that the US is waiting to see what it would take for them to turn their backs on Maduro.

An aide to Cabello has since said that Cabello will not betray Maduro and that he would not meet with US representatives without his permission first. The aide did mention that the US is consistently seeking out Cabello in order to try and establish contact.

Cabello as been blasting the US in a Venezuela state-run TV program and is adorned by the Chavistas. He was resently also on a program besides Maduro himself and he has always sworn his loyalty to him.

Cabello is no friend of the US government, he was sanctioned by the Trump administration last year. Yet this is not the first time the US has apparently been in talks with Cabello,

In 2015, Thomas Shannon, who was then counsellor to Secretary of State John Kerry, met with Cabello in Haiti to pave the way for legislative elections that the opposition won by a landslide.

Says the AP.