Elias Aboud, one of the two men charged for possession and cultivation of Marijuana said this morning in a Facebook post, he was unfairly targeted by the media based on his race.

“This entire media is out to get Syrians, jealousy of hard-working people is pathetic. If money is power then get your own power.”

Said Aboud.

Aboud also said most of the marijuana belonged to the other person charged, Alex Franco and although this was the case the media still chose to show only Aboud’s face.

“The quarter pound was claimed by Alex Franco there was 10,000 dollars in his wallet. I was charged with 10 grams and two grinders. Alex Franco’s picture was not shown. This is not right, as a Syrian I was targeted.”

Aboud said.
Screenshot of Aboud’s entire Facebook post, he later deleted the post.

868 Media could not find the post on Abouds facebook page but after contacting a reliable source it was made known that the post was in fact written by Elias and that he deleted it after.

Aboud 25, is from Westmoorings. He appeared before acting Cheif Magistrate Cherril-Anne Antonie in the Port of Spain Fifth Court. There he pleaded guilty to charges of marijuana possession; cultivation of the illicit drug; possession of devices for the use of the drug and possession of a taser.

Criston J Williams, Aboud’s lawyer requested a short adjournment to the sentencing to give Aboud time to obtain testimonials and character references that may be used in his mitigation plea. Antonie adjourned to July 19.

Aboud’s friend Franco 25, from Victoria Gardens, appeared before Antoine just after Aboud on two charged of being in possession of marijuana and devices for the illicit use of the drug at Victoria Gardens.

Franco pleaded not-guilty. His charges included exhibits presented to the court by the police officer who charged Franco among these were three brown glass jars filled with packets of marijuana; loose marijuana seeds; a pack of cigarettes; a digital scale; vaping cartridges of marijuana oil; wrapping paper; three roll-on marijuana cigarettes and $8,177 cash.

The marijuana weighed 124.5 grams and Franco’s lawyer Suneesh Singh asked that he continue on $30,000 bail. Antoine, however, disagreed and raised Franco’s bail to $120,000.

The change of bail was deferred by one day at the request of Franco’s lawyer.