Chairman of the Stakeholders United Movement (SUM) Andy Williams (aka pitbull of radio) claims Kia Hosein told him that he/she received payments from members of the UNC to conduct anti-government protests in June.

“I wish Kia all the best, but I saw with my own two eyes the money she received. She told me herself that she received money from UNC members. I know this and she knows this too.”

Said Williams.

After Williams failed to provide evidence that UNC members did pay Kia Hosein 868 Media contacted Williams seeking whether or not he really had such evidence. This is because the release of “the fact” was expected to be released today at the SUM press conference held in Laventille but it was not.

Williams said he does not want any more of a face off with Hosein but that he is happy for Hosein and wishes him all the best.

“SUM invites Kia to all our future events but there is to be no cursing and no money talk.”

Williams added.

868 Media has not received any evidence that Hosein was paid besides that which was presented yesterday. The only evidence gained today are these statements which Williams swears by.

In Williams’ press conferences he said his investigation is only 70 per cent complete but then moments later he claimed that he is moving on from the Kia saga.

“I am putting the Kia thing to rest.”

Williams said.

Williams claims UNC senator Wade Mark and general secretary Dave Tancoo were present in the meeting with Persad-Bissessar and that took place on Wednesday 26. In it, he said Tancoo held him up by his shirt and “roughed him up.”

Williams said the leader of the opposition Kamla Persad-Bissessar was upset with him for tapping a phone call where she is heard inquiring about whether Kia Hosein was paid by members of the UNC or not.


Hosein responded to the claims made by Williams.

“I don’t know Kamla Persad-Bissessar just as she said she does not know me. I have never met with this lady one on one nor have I ever met with any UNC minister.”

Hosein said.

Hosein called on Wiliams to present the proof he claims to have that she was paid by members of the UNC.

“Where is the proof? It is a big lie! Andy Williams is a bit jelous that for all the years he has been on radio as an activist he does not have the influence that I have.”

Hosein said counter to what Williams is claiming it only Hosein that organized the protests and that he rode her wave.

“No one was organizers with me. Andy said “just go with it, Big money will come.””

Hosein said she was confused when Williams started saying that money will come.

“I did this from the honesty of my heart.”

Hosein said

Hosein said it is problematic that the issue of money and who was paid to protest is seen as more important than the actual issues facing TT.

Hosein said many of these issues involve the PNM administration and asked why it is that Williams is running down the opposition’s throat instead of talking about such issues.