868 Media was sent a recorded clip in which opposition leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar is heard discussing whether or not Kia Hosein was paid for conducting anti-government protests. The recording ends with Persad-Bissessar organizing a meeting with one of the organizers of the protests, Andy Williams (aka Pitbull) held this June beginning on the 13-14.

The recording is between Persad-Bissessar and Williams, leader of the United Stake Holders Movement.

In the clip, Williams told Persad-Bissessar “they are people inside your party that gave that girl (Kia Hosein) money.”

“They are lying!”

Persad-Bissessar said in response

Williams then informed Persad-Bissessar of the fact that these people are a part of her own party.

After Persad-Bissessar is told this she then arranged a date to have Williams come to her office and discuss the entire matter further.

Williams said the meeting between him and Persad-Bissessar took place and that in it he gained that Kamala did not know about any payments made to Kia.

“She did tell me to continue an investigation and find out who paid Kia because she doesn’t know Kia and she never give her any money.

Williams said.

Williams said his investigation is near completion and that he now has proof that UNC members did make payments to Kia Hosein in return for an anti-government protest.

Williams did not provide the proof to 868 Media but said it will be presented in a press conference on Tuesday. The conference will be held at Kwame Ture Centre.

868 Media contacted Persad-Bissessar for a response but did not get through.