Actions done outside Parliament on June 14 have raised a high amount of suspicion that what started on the night of June 13 as an apparent anti-migration protest, organized by Winston Ragoo and Kia Hosein, may instead be a UNC backed operation against the government.

There is no evidence to show that the anti-government protesters were paid by the UNC. However, outside Parliament on June 14 the protesters after saying they were not a part of the UNC greeted the UNC’s leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar as though she was, in fact, their leader. Many protesters openly called her their Prime Minister.

The sun will rise again! That is my Prime minister! Look my Prime Minister!

Said protesters when Persad-Bissessar arrived at Parliament

Especially because the protesters booed PNM Parliamentarians but praised the UNC ones, this raised serious concerns and provided some evidence for the claims made above.

Hosein and Ragoo have since been continuously blasting out on social media that they are not politically affiliated with anyone in any way.

Hosein said the PNM should be removed and be replaced by any political party who contests the elections and wins.

“Remove the PNM and put who? Whoever contests the elections and the country votes for… Whoever is the other formed political groups,” Hosein said on June 15 in a Facebook live stream.

Hosein, Ragoo and the UNC are all on one mission, that of removing the PNM government. But whether they do so united or not can’t be known for certain.