Social media commentators Winston Ragoo, Kia Jadeana Hosein (Kia Boss) and Garth Christopher are planning an anti-Venezuelan migration protest at the Queen’s Park Oval where migrants will be waiting to register.

“We assemble tonight! We are going to show this government how much belly we have!” Hosein said in a Facebook live stream.

The protest will take place on outside the Oval and “Will not be no two-hour protest” but instead will run straight into the morning, which is when the registration for migrants normally begins.

“We are assembling, we are not going for war, we are not going to riot, we are not going against the Venezuelan people with any hate. Our target is our borders and our government,” Hosein added.

Ragoo said he will be having a “simple gathering outside the oval” in a separate live stream. Ragoo said he to is targeting the government and not the Venezuelans themselves.

Also in his own live stream, Christopher encouraged everyone watching to come down to the oval for the protest. Expressing similar sentiments as Hosein only in a calmer manner.

It is uncertain how many people will actually show up the protest which is expected to occur at 6:30 pm. The three Facebook pundits’ videos have a combined 70,000 views, meaning that many do in fact know about this protest.