There has been a large opposition uprising in Venezuela against the current president, Nicholas Maduro since the start of 2019. 868 Media has covered the crisis in Venezuela often, since it is leading to an influx of immigrants here in T&T.

They have been several attempts to rid Maduro of his power by the opposition leader Juan Guaido, up to now all have failed.

Now however, it has been reported that talks between the two sides are underway in Norway. Giving new hope to Venezuelan people on both sides of the political spectrum.

At first this sounded like more fake news, however (according to the BBC) it was confirmed by Venezuela’s ambassador to the UN in Geneva, Juan Jorge Valero. Other main stream media houses have since picked up the story as well.

The BBC however, acknowledge that the Guaido denied the fact that talks were underway with Maduro’s government.

The story appears to be more hearsay with Valero’s confirmation standing next to Guaido’s rejection adding to the confusion surrounding the crisis.

“Ambassador Valero said that the talks were between representatives of the Venezuelan government and what he called the “democratic part” of the opposition”

The BBC claimed

Adding to the complexity, it is said that Maduro confirmed the talks occurrence.

An interesting claim comes from Aljazeera, they say that Venezuela’s national assembly itself has confirmed the talks. Mentioning that the talks will apparently transpire in Oslo, Norway’s capital.

“Members of the opposition-controlled National Assembly said senior representatives from both sides will be involved in the discussions in Oslo.”

Aljazeera reported

Aljazeera says the opposition leader has admitted to sending envoys to Norway but has not confirmed the talks.

It is not known what exactly is likely to come out of such talks even if they are underway, because both Maduro and Guaido have been taking hardcore opposing stances ever since January.

Maduro has called Guaido an agent of the US who is seeking to undermine the sovereignty of Venezuela. Guaido on the other hand continues to call Maduro a usurper who has no real claim to authority. The public remains trapped in a humanitarian crisis with no real answer to their woes yet.