Over the weekend persons reached out to 868 Media to inform us that Caribbean Cinemas 10 in Southpark engaged in what they called an act of robbery. Apparently, the cinema overpriced tickets for the film Avengers End Game.

Tickets normally cost $40, however, the cinema’s employees demanded that some people pay $100 per ticket.

An employee hailed me to go in front of the male toilet where I had to pay $400 for 4 ($40) tickets.

One person said

Complaints mentioned that the cinema’s the box office (where the tickets are usually sold) would close before actually selling all the tickets. Apparently, employees would wait until persons started entering the theatre only to then sell whatever tickets were remaining for exorbitant prices.

One person says they purchased a ticket at around 10 pm and the ticket was marked to be printed closer to 9 pm. This means that the employees are likely to have been printing out tickets and marking them as sold only to then make a profit for themselves later on by selling them for above the actual price.

868 Media has received no comment from Caribbean Cinemas yet.

I feel as though I was robbed by the system… If you taking your family to see a movie you don’t expect to be extorted like this.

868 Media encourages anyone visiting Caribbean cinemas not to pay any more than the prescribed fee since these are likely to be rogue employees who are taking advantage of the customers. Be sure to report all complaints to the relevant authorities.