It turns out that this isn’t the first contractual issue NOVO Technology has faced with government institutions. In fact, they won millions over a 2016 issue against the AG!

Recent case Between NOVO and the AATT

NOVO Technology was given a seven-year contract estimated at $300 million by the Airport Authority (AATT) in 2017. The contract is for the automated passport kiosk machines for both the Piarco and ANR Robinson International Airports.

On May 9, 2019, the Minister of Security Stuart Young announced that the appointment of retired Justice Nelson was made by the cabinet to investigate documentation around the contract.

Young said that red flags were raised when it was discovered that they were two contracts between the Airport Authority and Novo Tech, one of which was not sent to Cabinet for approval.

NOVO has rejected the claims that their contract to set up passport kiosks raises “red flags”.

Through­out the ne­go­ti­a­tion and im­ple­men­ta­tion of this project, NO­VO Tech­nol­o­gy has act­ed with in­tegri­ty, trans­paren­cy, and ac­count­abil­i­ty. NO­VO Tech­nol­o­gy will not be in­tim­i­dat­ed by these op­pres­sive ac­tions and will de­fend its con­trac­tu­al rights and rep­u­ta­tion vig­or­ous­ly.”

NOVO stated in media release

NOVO says they have acted with integrity and transparency and that they have not done anything that raises red flags. They urge the AATT to uphold their end of the deal and not violate the commitment they have made.

NOVO has also announced that Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj will be assisting them legally moving forward in this case.

NOVO vs AG in 2016

NOVO has been to court as a claimant against the Attorney General previously in 2016. However, though the case was brought to the High Court of Justice in 2016 and the order delivered in 2018, it was for a 2-year contract made in 2013.

That case resulted in the AG having to pay out millions of dollars to NOVO Tech.

In 2013, NOVO along with Nagraid S.A. and Infinity Financial Engineering Ltd (“INN Consortium”) entered into a 2-year contract with the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services.

The contract was for the supply, delivery, implementation, operation and maintenance of an Integrated Multi-Application Biometric Smart Card System.

In 2015 when that contract expired the ministry continued to request services in good faith whilst a new contract was being negotiated. The company provided services and was not paid for them by the ministry, the claim made by the AG was that a deal had not been finalized.

In this case, Justice Eleanor Joye Donaldson-Honeywell ordered that the AG pay “sums of US $5.4 million and TT $21.5 million plus interest on both sums at 6%.


AATT has entered into a deal that is worth $300 million with NOVO Tech and if what happened before happens again that money is as good as gone.