Piarco International airport always seems to have corruptish news circulating it. Now the awarding of a deal worth $300 million is being investigated by retired Justice Rolston Nelson.

Nelson was appointed by the cabinet to investigate how it is that the Airport Authority (AATT) gave a seven-year contract to Novo Technology Ltd in 2017.

Novo Technology was given the contract to set up (and perhaps maintain) passport processing kiosks in both the Piarco and ANR international airports.

The contract is worth around US $510,000 a month. Over the seven-year period, it totals to US $43,000,000 which, if multiplied by the current exchange rate makes TT $291,540,000‬.

This amount of money is certainly enough to set off the average man. If a border patrol officer/employee makes TT $15,000 a month (of which I am not sure) with this same amount of money each month (US $510,000) the Airport Authority could employ up to 230 new officers for the job on a seven-year contract. Which would really be faster 230 people or a couple of machines?

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Caribbean Court of Justice Judge, Justice Rolston Nelson

That comparison puts this entire deal into perspective. The announcement that the deal would be investigated was made by National Security Minister Stuart Young on May 9 in a post-cabinet media briefing.

Minister Young said last month Cabinet took a decision to appoint a sub-cabinet committee to look at the documentation around the contract.

Office of the Prime Minister Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Young said that red flags were raised when it was discovered that they were two contracts between the Airport Authority and Novo Tech, one of which was not sent to Cabinet for approval.

Young also confirmed that PNM appointed AATT board was involved in the deals making.

Both versions of the contract did not follow the usual tender process and were found to be extremely onerous and put the taxpayers of this country at a disadvantage.

Office of the Prime Minister Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Nelson is expected to present his findings in two months time. Do you think anything will come out of the investigation?