On May 8 at around 6:30 pm the Venezuelan opposition leader’s deputy, Edgar Zambrano, was dragged away and detained while in his car. He was towed away after refusing to leave his car.

Zambrano is opposition leader Juan Guaido’s congressional deputy, making him second in command after Guaido.

TRANSLATION: We alert all the people of Venezuela at this time 6:35pm We are surrounded by the SEBIN, we are inside our vehicle from the Democratic Action facility in Florida.

The arrest was made in relation to the countries failed military uprising which occurred at the end of April. That uprising was led by Juan Guaido, the only opposition figure with a higher position of opposition than the deputy who was arrested.

Zambrano’s approximate location at the time

Zambrano was apparently in his car when the Bolivarian Intelligence Service (known as SEBIN) showed up to detain him. Then Zambrano refused to leave his vehicle which caused the SEBIN to try breaking into his car in order to carry him away. However, after failing to break into Zambrano’s car the SEBIN decided to tow him away instead.

France 24

“We refused to leave our vehicle, they used a crane to forcibly move directly to the Helicoide”

Zambrano tweeted during the arrest

The arrest was only possible since the Constituent Assembly stripped Zambrano and other lawmakers of parliamentary immunity on May 7.

Since the arrest, the US embassy for Venezuela, which is actually now located in the US itself, called the arrest illegal and inexcusable.

The opposition leader Juan Guaido tweeted in realtime about the arrest, though he called it a kidnapping. He holds the position that all of Venezuela is with Zambrano and not with the Venezuelan government.

Image tweeted by Guaido

“The dictatorship has kidnapped the vice president at the national assembly.”

Guaido tweeted

It is unknown what this arrest would lead to in the region. Current president Nicholas Maduro continues to condemn the prospects of US involvement in the region.