Two pictures surfaced on Facebook depicting both Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley and Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi with the alleged owner of the Copacabana hotel.

This hotel was raided on April 9 and ten illegal Venezuelans were found, nine of which were women.

This hotel was apparently also raided in Feb 2018 where illegal immigrants, mainly women, from the Dominican Republic, Colombia and Venezuela were discovered.

Although this photo may provide a reason for suspicion, the owner of the hotel was not said to be directly involved in any of these incidents.

Many people in the public have commented on this post calling the photos despicable whilst others have stated that it proves nothing.

“A photo up is not enough he could of taken a picture with Destra, Marchel Montano or Buju Banton it don’t mean you know them on a personal level.”

One Facebook user stated