After making their first appearance in court both Ramdeen and Ramlogan are said to have their case expedited (taken care of in the fast possible time frame).

This was agreed upon by both the lawyer and the magistrate due to the fact that key witness QC Vincent Nelson is ill and can possibly die before presenting evidence.

The country must wait now for justice to take its course as was stated by the opposition leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar. However, the mainstream media continue to flood the internet with entire stories dedicated to what each individual party involved has said on the matter.

Whilst the country deserves to know all about the case the country deserves information in a clean and easy to grasp sense. The media seems to be preying upon the heat of the moment in order to generate as many clicks as is possible and thus satisfy the needs of the people they really serve, the advertising agencies.

As of now:

  1. Ramlogan and Ramdeen’s cases are being dealt with. The procedure is underway.
  2. The procedure is being sped up due to Nelson’s illness.
  3. Ramlogan said he’s going back to work
  4. Ramdeen made no statement
  5. Kamla said she is letting justice take its course

When more information unfolds, 866 Media plans to report on it but as far as it is now there is no dramatic change in the case.