A young QRC student by the name of Emmanuel decided to spend his thirteenth birthday handing out food to the homeless.

These sort of events are unusual to see in modern society that seems to be so focused on individualism and consumerism.

Though everyone sees this is a great act of service to those who cannot serve themselves, some thought it imprudent for Emmanuel’s action to be posted online. People are saying that the boy only decided to feed the poor for his own fame rather than out of goodwill.

Social media charity ain’t no charity bredda…..#stoptapingcharity

Instagram user floydzie commented

Others kept the comments clean wishing Emmanuel a happy birthday and thanking him for his kind act.

Happy birthday young man. Making such a wonderful gesture shows the quality of a person you are! Have a blessed day!

Zenobia Ali commented on Facebook

What do you think about persons posting their good works on social media?