It has been over two days since former AG Anand Ramlogan and UNC senator Gerald Ramdeen were arrested. The entire country was on edge awaiting their court appearance to see whether or not the two UNC political figures would be charged.

According to reports, on May 3 at around 7 pm, the (DPP) Director of Public Prosecutions gave the (ACIB) Anti-Corruption Investigative Bureau the “ok” to charge the men.

The charges involve kickback scams in the billions of dollars. Ramlogan’s use of legal fees whilst serving as AG between 2010 and 2015 is apparently directly linked to his and Ramdeen’s arrest.

Jeniece’s Twitter account traced several of the legal payments that Anand Ramlogan made whilst he was the AG

Legal fees paid by the Ministry of the Attorney General during Ramlogan’s tenure ballooned from an average of $30-$40 million to an average of $1.4 billion

Express Newspaper

On May 3 Queen’s Counsel, Vincent Nelson was charged in relation to the Ramlogan and Ramdeen case. It is alleged that Nelson received $20,400,544 from the AG’s office.

When the two were originally arrested it was thought that the arrest came as a result of the issue surrounding section 34 extradition applicants Ferguson and Ishwar Galbaransigh. However, it is evident that this was only one of several corruption scams untaken by the AG’s office during the reign of the UNC lead people’s partnership government.