On May 1 former attorney general under the UNC lead People’s Partnership government was arrested along with Gerald Ramdeen by the Anti-Corruption Bureau.

According to reports, the two men were arrested based on their involvement in corruption involving millions of dollars in kickback scams.

Other claims were made that the director of the Police Complaints Authority (PCA) was told by Ramlogan to remove a witness statement that associated with extraditing Steve Ferguson and Ishwar Galbaransigngh. The PCA director was told he would be named director after removing the statement. Nothing has since been discussed about this publicly and we are still awaiting further news.

Key Witness in the kickback scams is handed 3 charges

Queen’s Coun­sel Vin­cent Nel­son, a key witness in the case, was given three charges for conspiring with Ramlogan and UNC senator Gerald Ramdeen to receive, conceal, and transfer rewards to them. He charged on May 2 by the Port-of-Spain Mag­is­trates’ Court and is now said to be leaving the country for his safety.

“There is a serious risk to him remaining in this jurisdiction”

Said his attorney

This charge only makes the corruption involving Ramlogan and Ramdeen more apparent. However, the two have not yet been formally charged and only Ramdeen has been interviewed by investigators. Ramlogan did not complete his interview yesterday due to health issues.

More is to come on this story, the Newsday has reported that police are investigating more persons who were working under the UNC lead PP government between 2010 and 2015 over corruption scams involving a lawyer.