On May 2 a Venezuelan court issued an arrest warrant famous opposition figure, Leopoldo Lopez. The issue comes as a result of Lopez violating his house arrest on April 30.

Lopez has been active over the last few days of protests in Venezuela.

Lopez was seen on April 30 in Guaido’s video which aimed at promoting a military take over of the Venezuelan government.

The court was distressed about his gigantic violation of the house arrest.

Lopez was under house arrest at this time. After the attempt to rally the military and overthrow Nicholas Maduro failed Lopez went to the Spanish ambassador to stay. This is because he violated his house arrest.

In view of this apparent violation, the warrant for his arrest was made by the court to the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (Sebin) against Lopez.

The court has also expressed that Lopez finishes serving his 13-year sentence at the National Military Processing Center of Ramo Verde (Cenapromil). Thus far he has served around 5 years.