Opposition leader Juan Guaido called for a military lead effort to overthrow the current president of Venezuela Nicholas Maduro.

Guaido appeared in a video surrounded by men dressed in military attire. The video was posted to his Twitter account this morning at 2 am. In the video, he calls for the last phase of government overthrow.

In the video, he calls for a military uprising stating that the moment is now. He urges soldiers and people to take to the streets to dismantle the Maduro government.

The national armed forces have made the right decision… To deploy the forces to achieve the cessation of usurpation.

Guaido stated on Twitter

The Government Responds

Whilst hearing from Guaido on makes it seem as though the entire country is behind him, the government has said the opposite is true.

“We inform the Venezuelan people that we are currently confronting and deactivating a small group of military traitors who were positioned in the Altamira distributor to promote a coup against the constitution and Peace of the Republic “.

Venezuela’s Information Minister Jorge Rodriguez stated on Twitter

Another Opposition Leader Joins Guaido

Another popular opposition figure, Leopoldo Lopez, is seen with Guaido in the video. Lopez was sentenced to prison for 13 years in 2015 for crimes such as arson, public instigation, vandalism, and criminal conspiracy that lead to 43 deaths in 2014. Lopez was moved from prison arrest to house arrest in 2017 and has now been released.

The final phase has begun for the cessation of usurpation, Operation Freedom.

Lopez stated on his twitter

The Developing Situation

According to DW Correspondent Oscar Schlenker Guaido called on the people of Venezuela to have massive protests starting on May 1. However, this morning the Venezuelan people have told by Guaido that May first is now.

The amount of people who will be on the streets today is unknown. However, on social media many Venezuelans are calling for everyone to take to the streets.

It is likely that violence may occur also given the stance that both Guaido and Lopez have taken on the matter.

Since then videos are emerging on social media of apparent violence. One video posted on the Javier Romero Facebook page shows an intense situation with what sounds like multiple rounds of shots being fired.

The post claims that the military forces of Guaido are firing shots (to protect the civilians) at the military who side government.

Guaido since January

Since Guaido declared himself president of the country in January he has been hoping to achieve a three-stage process to “restore Venezuela”.

  1. To stop the usurpation (overthrow Maduro)
  2. Start a government of transition (institute new government)
  3. To have a free and fair election

This means that Guaido has not been able since then to achieve even the first part of his plan.

Have the International Communities responded?

It is not known what will be done by either the United States or by Russia pertaining to this final attempt to oust Maduro.

Both regions have been vocal on the region and the political conflict currently occurring.

The US pesident Donald Trump has already said since September 2018 that all his options are on the table, even the strong ones.

All options on the table for Trump.

Russia has also been active in the area and even had around 100 troops in the area earlier this year. However, Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated that he does not think any foreign government should get involved in the situation or take it upon themselves to remove the leader.

The people of Venezuela has to decide this [if it is time for Maduro to go], no one else.

Putin stated in 2019
Published by PBS NewsHour on Oct 3, 2018


The situation in Venezuela is no small problem. The country is in one of the worst economic crisis’s ever. Millions of Venezuelans are fleeing the country. Here in Trinidad we are experiencing an influx of Venezuelans already.

Only God can be sure of what is going to happen as time passes.