The Panorama ship that served as Trinidad and Tobago’s sea ferry in the 1990s has been discovered much to the distress of our population. The ferry was bought in 1987 for TT$114 million it was used up until 2004.

The ship was at a standstill between 2004 and 2010 it was then sold to its current owners in Greece. However, no one knew how much it was sold for and quite frankly, no one cared… until now of course.

Marc De Verteuil obtained the estimated price that the vessel was sold for under the then PNM government in 2010. That figure mounts to a sad TT$2.2 million.

“You could have bought a townhouse in West Moorings for that price.”

De Verteuil said.

In a video posted on Papa Bois Conservation Facebook page, De Verteuil walks through the vessel which is now in perfect operation. The vessel is now mobile in the Mediterranean region and resides in a Greek port.

The Video Posted to Facebook.

Trinidadians have been reacting to this in a variety of ways. Some have been blaming the government and corrupt Jack Warner who was the transport minister at the time. Others have taken a stance of self-reproach, claiming that it is “we the civilians” to blame for not looking after the vessel.

Speculations are being made regarding the cost which the current Greek owners paid to get the vessel where it is today. If this cost was substantially more than what the PNM government sold the vessel for in 2010, then it is evident that “we the people” may be to blame. However, if this is not the case, the government (at that time) is to blame for treating an asset as a liability.