The new parking system at Piarco is causing serious chaos! (if you don’t know about the new system click here)

Managing the new system seems to be challenging, persons who were in the airport reached out to 868 Media claiming that the kiosks are not being properly maintained.

Clearly, there was no transition, no roll-out and no backup plan in place in case this new system doesn’t work. Everything is moving slow and nothing is being done. Thank God I got out eventually.

One person claimed.

Since last night the Airport Authority (AATT) have has been apologising for long lines and slow movement at Piarco.

Apparently, the lines at kiosks are overbearingly long. The AATT claims this was due to the fact that the airport staff did not plan for so many users of the new kiosk system.

Reports also came in claiming that kiosks have run out of paper and the cash bins inside them were full and not being emptied.

This must be a sabotage attempt on behalf of the airport employees, I’m sure they are upset about this change and now we are bearing the costs.

Another person expressed.

868 media spoke with a representative from Piarco airport and were told that contrary to what some are claiming, employee sabotage was not behind the slowing down of the systems nor was there a purposeful lack of maintenance conducted.

The Piarco representative also stated that the issue is that airport visitors need to get used to the new automatic system.

When asked how long it would take for the system to work effectively the the representative said it would take a few weeks.

So much for promising an instantaneous improvement…

When asked what systems were being put in place to assist persons who may be unfamiliar with the new system 868 Media was told that customer service representatives would be postioned at kiosks temporarily to guide airport visitors until the process is running seamlessly.