Airports Authority of Trinidad & Tobago said that they would introduce a new automated parking system on April 1. Though this is all fool’s day, this is no joke, according to Loop News the system has in fact been rolled out.

The ‘Park-in’ system has many aspects including automated ticketing machines, payment kiosks, and solar operated devices that will assist drivers in finding available parking.

The new system will have a two-step process on entry and another two-step process on exit.

On entering the airport drivers will firstly retrieve tickets. Then, secondly they will select a parking spot and proceed to it in order to park.

Before leaving the airport, the driver firstly must pay using one of the kiosks which will be located inside the airport. Once this is done the driver will take the receipt and scan it at the exit lane on leaving the car park.

The implementation of this system promises a “user friendly interface and more efficient processing and payment systems, which allow for added convenience, safer transactions and reduced queuing”.