Guaido has stated clearly in a video that The national armed forces have made the right decision… To deploy the forces to achieve the cessation of usurpation.

If this cost was substantially more than what the PNM government sold the vessel for in 2010, then it is evident that “we the people” may be to blame. However, if this is not the case, the government (at that time) is to blame for treating an asset as a liability.

The new parking system at Piarco is causing serious chaos! (if you don’t know about the new system click here) Managing the new system seems to be challenging, persons who were in the airport reached out to 868 Media claiming that the kiosks are not being properly maintained. Clearly, there […]

Whilst the mainstream media reported on a mysterious buck we all laughed, enjoyed, and made memes out of the fiasco. However, during that same week, something far more newsworthy was transpiring. It was brought to the public that the PNM government was engaging in a form of nepotism. A massive […]