Stories have been circulating on social media about the installation of “speed cameras” (Automated Speed Enforcement systems) here in Trinidad. One of the messages warned that if drivers exceed 50kmph, whilst going around the Queens Park Savanna, radar equipment will detect the speed and then lodge the Notice of Infraction (speed ticket) to the license holders. The license holders will then supposedly face the penalties on their next visit to a licensing office.

One of the messages being spread.

After investigating the matter, the story appears to be nothing more than Fake News. Besides Trinidad lacking the ability to implement such an advance ticketing system (without the government making a raucous about it in the media) organizations that should know about this (if the story is true) apparently do not or will not confirm it. Added to this, the legislation to ticket citizens for speeding via the use of cameras is currently non-existent, adding to the fishiness of the claims being spread.

Traffic management personnel at the Ministry of Road and Works, which is the ministry responsible for implementing the Speed Measuring Devices (Speed Guns) in 2016, stated that their ministry knows nothing of such a system currently being in place. Likewise, a St. Clair Police officer expressed similar sentiments.

The Ministry of Road and Works’ website states that

“Legislation for the introduction of a Spot Speed Radar Camera System is being finalized for early introduction in Parliament”.

This means that the legislation required for the implementation of the system has is not only yet to be finalized, but it is just getting started. Therefore legally “Speed Cameras” cannot be implemented.

An Automated Speed Enforcement system is complex in relation to Trinidad’s current speed gun system. A radar measures the speeds of all the cars and a camera photographs only those that go over the speed limit. This separates the system from a Red-Light camera, which only photographs those who break red lights. Countries that use the radar camera speed ticketing system send tickets to the car owner via the mail and not in a licensing office. This is the likely method that would be employed here once the parliament brings forth the right legislation.

This system, when in place, is therefore likely to require assistance from TTPost. TTPost is likely to be given the responsibility of sending the tickets to the drivers. Though this may sound simple TTPost is known today (as are many other Government organizations) for their inefficiency. All of this only adds to the complications of implementing the Automated Speed Enforcement system here.

Taking all of the above into consideration, if you have seen cameras on the highway it is highly unlikely that as of now, they are being used for sending out speeding tickets.

Antonio Francis is a Journalist and contributor to 868 Media. His work typically concentrates on cultural matters within Trinidad & Tobago.
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