On March 19. a male UWI student met up with members of a group in order to compile a project. One of the group members, a female student, did not show up. Instead of coming to the meeting she decided to send her work to the group via email. The male student claims that the work she sent was plagiarized. He confronted the girl about the matter on WhatsApp where the two exchanged heated messages.

On the following day, March 20. the male student was attending a class between the hours of 5-8pm in the Teaching and Learning Complex. During the class, he left for a brief period and on returning he noticed the female student sitting on a bench just outside the classroom door.

“She was staring me down! I asked her, ‘why are you staring me down?’”.

he said

As the two got closer to each other they continued to exchange words.

“She told me to come closer, so I did… I asked her again why she was staring me down”.

Whilst the two were exchanging insulting words, the female student, as reported by the boy, stood up and started to claw at the boy’s neck.

“she was aiming for my eyes, that’s when I pepper sprayed her”.  

The boy said.

The female student was taken to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex. She was discharged on the same day and has chosen not to comment on the matter.

The boy attempted to attend the rest of his class but was seized there by the campus security and taken for questioning. He was then taken to the St. Joseph Police Station to be questioned further. After around four hours in the station, the boy was released without a charge.

He also claims that false information is being spread about him and about the entire scene on social media.

Pepper spray is illegal in Trinidad & Tobago (according to Section 2 of the Firearms Act of 1971). Yet the male student declares that he carries the spray in case he needs it to defend himself. He believes it served its purpose and that he was right in using it in self-defence.

“If it was her who sprayed me in the same incident I would still be seen as the perpetrator and not the victim”

He stated.